The deceptions of Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani

As is the case with most ideologies and societies in our time, the Islamic world is being played by a game of Divide a Conquer, or what some call a Hegelian Dialectic, forcing them to chose between what are presented as the only two alternatives. Like Americans are expected to choose between Democrat and Republican, or Left and Right, Muslims are being forced into a choose between Sufi or Salafi. Both are the most vocal opponents of the other, and expose each others real corruption, thus enticing their followers to accept them as legitimate interpretations of Islam, when neither is.

As I detailed in my article, The Sufi Conspiracy, Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani is part of a 20th century network of Sufis with close links to the Western intelligence agencies and the New Age movement. His master, Abdullah Faizi ad Daghestani (1891-1973), initiated George Gurdjieff, who was a British agent and friend of leading Nazi Carl Haushofer. Haqqani and Gurdjieff also had a mutual friend of John G. Bennett, former head of British Intel in Istanbul. Gurdjieff went on to become one of the primary inspirations behind MK-Ultra, inspiring, in particular, Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary.

Despite these connections, Haqqani's influence has been wide-ranging. Among his current students and devotees are Hisham Kabbani, Gibril Haddad and Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, author of The Two Faces of Islam.

According to his Wikipedia article, Haqqani has made a number of Doomsday predictions that didn’t come true. He predicted that the regimes in the Middle East would be replaced by one ruling sultanate before the end of 2011 and that Prince Charles would forcibly dissolve the Parliament of the United Kingdom. And in the 2000s, he declared that former President of the United States George W. Bush and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair had achieved sainthood in Islam due to their efforts in "fighting tyrants and evil and devils."

Most common among Sufi orders and mystics throughout the centuries has been the claim of achieving a degree of "sainthood" which allows them to ignore the laws of Islam. Here in this video, Haqqani makes such an admission. He is saying that someone appeared to him, from Mars, Saturn or Jupiter, and told him that it is permitted for him to swear as many as 40 times in day, since he is from "Utaqa" (high sainthood), and therefore, no longer accountable for sins. The "pen" has stopped writing anything about him, meaning that the angels are no longer recording his actions, so he's completely free to do what he likes.

Given the very negative image of Islam that pervades the world today, it's important that non-Muslims recognize the number of imposters promoted to prominence in the Islamic world today for just that purpose, and for Muslims to recognize the extent of the sorry state they are living in, so they can finally do something about it.


I think those two points he mentioned for 2011, are probably still on the books.

The article above showes that the writer is very very poorly informed,taking things out of context, mixing with disinformation etc.and 'baking' his own theory.
Theory is what is is!
Most people will know that theory is not reality. Its more like suspition.
The writer of the article above shows us that he has absolute no knowledge about anything what he is writing about,paired with no good manners. He is not informed very well and so he lies about nearly everything he is trying to tell us. Like in his case it is sure that all the informations here on this website are poison for people,because there may be 10% truth but it's mixed with 90% misleading speculation and falsifications. Stay away from it!
He knows nothing about the issues he's writing about. There are much better sites which do not need to falsify important information just because someone else pays alot money for it.
If you whant to warn us about something important so please make your homework first.
The above article shows that you havn't done it properly.
What you say is not trustworthy!

Best wishes and may your illneses be cured,soon.

A defender of truth and a fighter against falshood!

For more info, read the following link

I agree with the first brother this dude is totally a crack head and the followers are smackheads that are lost souls.

sorry guys, but, the writter writes about substanciated clear evidence.

listen to the clip and check other points. you will find it's true.

there is nothing sufi about the man in the clip. i know him.

sufi's do not do what he does, not even close.

In the book Noor ul Huda by Hazrat Sultan Bahoo it is stated that shaitan appears to a Sufi as God and instructs him to go against sharia as the late Sheikh Nazim had made. Anyone who transgresses from the Islamic Divine law is an imposter and misguided. No true Sufi master would say things as the above mentioned person had done.

Everything is sufi in this man

I agree with you,this guy is spreading hate,i love this shakh,i have learned so much from this peaceful man,how dare you,whoever you are spread these lies about an innocent man spreading truth about islam,how dare you !

for 1400 years Islam was practiced,the SUFI way,The Naquasbandi way is THE GOLDEN CHAIN,coming from Prophet Mumamad sws,down to the 40th Master Maulana Shaykh Nazim. GO STUDY THE GOLDEN CHAIN,before make stupid comments,also it was THE MASONIC MOVEMENT that brought,bred the WAHABBI AND SALIFI MOVEMENT,to SPLIT ISLAM. Because,from our HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD sws. time until about IOO yrs ago PURE ISLAM was practiced,OUR WAY.Also do not speak,stupid ,mindless words,because ISLAM is NOT ONE DIMENSIONAL,like you people are,and it is know that there are THREE LEVELS OF KNOWLEDGE,YOU ONLY OBVIOUSLY ONLY KNOW one one one.

In the book Noor ul Huda by Hazrat Sultan Bahoo it is stated that shaitan appears to a Sufi as God and instructs him to go against sharia as the late Sheikh Nazim had made. Anyone who transgresses from the Islamic Divine law is an imposter and misguided. No true Sufi master would say things as the above mentioned person had done.

George Gurdjeff - 1866- 1949: Nazim al Haqqani - 1922 - 2014. The writer tells us that Nazim was the/a teacher of Gurdjeff!
This says a 27 year old was teacher to the 83 year old (and that's putting the best spin on it, as Gurdjeff was teaching for much of his life.)
So I won't bother checking up any of the other 'facts'. Such sloppy research indicates a writer who can't be trusted.

HOWEVER - it also indicates a total disregard for the intelligence of the reader.
That's not at all nice, Mr Livingstone. Are you a natural-born a*s*hole or did you have to learn it?

Liar a full fledge based lies, shiekh nazim always talked about peace this guy who wrote against him is an antichrist agent who is spreading disinformation and propaganda about shiekh nazim.

Sufis are real.but all r not real. If u got a sufi u should check is he real or fake.fake should show drama.and most people likes these dramas more than find allhu. Allhu said in Kuraan al vakiha .the number of people nearest lover of god should b less from after kuraan reached us.its already written who was selected.others can't under stand .moosa a.s can't accept from gilir. But remember when u do worship with a soul of sufi you should get a feelings of fowing beautiful tasty light inside ur heart while u obeying him or loving him or during dhkr that he given to him.real sufi never force a murid. He should have the power to know is he is my murid or not while worship.and he should have the power from allhu through holly spirit that he can controlled his murid s soul my belief their should b only one man lives on earth same like al mahdi the waaris of Muhammad s.a. mahdi should b published to all by allhu but others not. They won't publisit sufism public. The murid only will found or sheik will found only his murid. The one who lives is called the lailathul gadir or gaibathul gadir. He have got support from rooh al kuddos holly spirit.and he should have proof from allhu that he was the al hee .here 'hee' is the one salamun 'hee' ya hattha mathlahul fajar . Ya is ya'zeeen'. Zeen is the zirr of noor ahmadu and ya is o ly calling hai if u got real sufi u feel piece a lot I side's getting from the light which comes through allhu to holly spirit through the one real sufi s soul tthrough ur heart to ur soul.and the real sufi will never refer any books except what he got o ly from allhu.he have evidence like Muhammad s.a having kuraan same like he have the power to explain kuraan as per sharee ath or haqqeqath.they praise ahammad s.a a lot because they are the galifa of rasool .they have same character like Muhammad s.a or mahdi.

I know the one but me don't like to publish

I wanted to re-write this story on my site, but before I ask for permission

Sure, please go ahead.

dear david livingston,
as you surely know truth needs to be 100% otherwise its a lie.
what you have pressed together obviousely without real knowledge of the subject itself is unfortunately bringing nothing realy worthy to light.
its just adding up to the misconceptions and confusion already topped up to an 'mountain of statements made by 'candidates for the mentalhouse''
just one example will be enough:

you state from mr. luise powels book which is full of subjective experiences and untruths of people which have med gurdjieff in his livetime or gurdjieff himself was 'sending them to the devil,because he was clearly seeing their real intentions and so send them to the right adress.
it is astonishing how you could oversee what others have said to the book of powels and the 'truth 'in it. you state Mr. shah,mr.bennett and you foolishly do not stop there but go on to misinterpret its most distinguished society maybe to be found on earth today,trying to convert them falsly to the representatives of the devil itself and his most devoted exponat the antichrist and his 'long arm ' the bevarian illuminati from the 18 century. the illuminati was shut down soon after and they where successful in making everybody to believe that they have stopped there. but they did they have a thousand names ,names sounding so beautyfull that nearly everybody is unable to see through. these organisation which is today called as bilderbergers,nato,uno,federal reserve system,national security,nsa,cia,military,mafia,or american aid,worldbank,every aspect of todays live is controlled by them exept one! exept one!
REAL spirituality!!!

the cults and dried out or fake spiritual systems of the past and present they propagate everywhere on our planet. but there is one real spiritual linage still existing until today and its inbedded in islam. the illuminati of today have to do everything to give islam a bad name because what is in it ,if coming to power would be a direct threat to the one-world-system designed by would be their end,because nothing what they do and want people all over the world to do can be found in islam as permitted.
Islam would be the only real door to the light and the ultimate stop for them,so they have to play their games -and they play it very good.they do not hate muslims but they have to serve a 'greater good' as george bush senior was saying in his famous nwo speech:' a new world order,and when we are successful,AND WE WILL BE,.....

we will be? what he is talking about nearly every american citizen doesn't know!!

Yes and they have just realy one enemy - real spirituality -that means 'leading a normal life' normal here means leading a life in balance with nature,humanity,universe...
the original illuminaty were 'dreamers' and because it was dreaming it quickly turned into an monster-leading humankind to do the worst to each other by spreding hatred,nationalism ,and stupid theories from people which should rather be called donkeys that humans.

what you are doing here Mr,livingston is realy a lowest level article. you just pick out from some books what suits your agenda and thats all. truth is in it but you have twisted it simply because you make the same mistake as many before you. It will help humankind nothing at all it will hopefully not worsen the situation.

you had all this books in your hand and you may have read them-but how did you read them? like a mashine would read? how can you read all this and come to such an idiotic and nonsense conclution?

if you would realy have read the books of ospensky,gurdjieff,bennett,shah,etc you will have felt no need to write such an misleading article.

The sufi conspiration-what a nonsense!!!

I will end here with a saying of jesus : ' shall know them by their fruits...'

its real spirituality which is the target you fools. its the real door out of this devestating situation on earth and the only door out before the door to the 'tunnel without light 'on the end will be closed by the one-world propergators or how they call themselfes'lovers of mankind'(one world is realy a good idea but in the wrong hands as the hand of this robber elite wanting us to be slaves for them it will be a dead end and when we see todays evil it will be like paradise compared to their one world order) look what they are doing to achive that goal-as their master said: ...every means is allowed! ...and you must always and everywhere disguise our mission in beautyfull and noble sounding names!

go and read the originals and not what people like you have fabricated before you.
theories upon theories and never any reality.

Haushofer may be a friend of hess but was never meeting with gurdjieff,and haushofer always gets picked to proof a conection of gurdjieff and the nazis philosophers.This nonsence is pulled out from the german book' The Thule society' ,a book from an autor which is still searching his brain.
If you are so uneducated to pick such a topic and give such an idiotic statment on it
without making sure to have filtered out the lies from the truth you should better step down and study again,mr. livingston.The world is full of illiterate people like you who think the are educated and well informed. Thats the condition for the best serving the anticrist-nothing else-poor Mr. livingston!

you may be a fine man but your article here is looking very poorly.



I knew nazim,i was his of my friends is a clairvoyant... this nasty man nazim used evil spirits or so called jinns...nazim felt threatened when he saw me so he attached an evil spirit to clairvoyant friend saw the spirit and spoke to it....this is all true....nazim and his group must be exposed....he used evil spirits to find out what his mureeds were upto and they all thought its a miracle, its the truth....nazim was a power hungry man who sold his soul to evil entities....look at his face....its evil.....and his spirits or jinns were evil too....they were not good spirits or afraid this is the truth.....he just wanted worldy power....he probably being tortured in grave now.....he makes me sick now when i remember him...i used to think he was a in summary, this guy sold his soul to the devil so that the evil spirits would help him gather information and help him fool people into thinking he is a sorry but they exist these evil spirits and nazim was a pure evil man....this is the reality of this man and his group...he ruined my life...

Bahara, who is to say that your "clairvoyant" friend is not being tricked by Jinns. Shaykh Nazim's face is not evil, in fact it is beautiful. People can manipulate things in videos. Read about his life. He does not want worldy power. I find your claims ridiculous. A Shaykh who has an unbroken chain to the Prophet (s) and is acknowledged as one of the world's greatest scholars and guides and your "clairvoyant" friend canot compare. Allah sends tests. I, as a follower of Shaykh Nazim, have found the greatest peace in my life and your story is most likely false. How does your "clairvoyant" friend know Shaykh Nazim attached the spirit to you. The evil jinn could be lying if it said that. This account against the Shaykh is ridiculous.

Thank you for sharing your story Bahara, my friend is also a mureed and has clearly been possessed and now I see how it happened, can you please provide more detail about your story and other instances that prove Shaykh Nazim dealt with jinns please

Yes, every single positive statement made about Sheikh Nazim by his followers whom you call "sick'' or "lost'' is truth. He is so great saint the world has never seen and will not once again see such a holy, great and sinless person, whether you agree, disagree or like or dislike.

Now, as for the experiences, which are available at , yes, all of them are true. Among his followers, there are some who sees and communicates with the prophet 24 hours a day, some others they see lights (and due to lights enlightening their environment, they can actually see in darkness and night or noon does not matter for them) in various shapes, some others see visions while reading a book or newspaper, visions that the things said in that book or newspaper actually appears before them, exactly as they happened. If such mureeds read in a newspaper that "someone killed his wife'' for example, they immediately see how the event happen with full details including the physical appearance of the murderer . Sheikh is still continuing to grant these secrets and experiences to his mureeds with his soul for existing mureeds/followers and also for those joining his path later. Who could grant or were able to grant such spiritual experiences to, except Sheikh Nazim and a few other same ranked saints (eg. Abdulqadir Jilani) etc.? 

There are even mureeds, and this is a specific grant of experience only granted to Sheikh Nazim's mureeds,  who actually travelled back and forward in time (Tayy az zaman) and transported themselves to other countries, places. They even travelled to other planets, galaxies, worlds and entered paradises, had the delights there, ate, drank whatever they wished, had sex with virgins in paradise and then came back to Earth, and they actually did that with their physical bodies. (no I do not feel ashamed saying that, I sweared I will always tell the truth),I can proove that these things happened (proof of some experiences by mentioning what will happen a month after), as I am also a mureed who gained some spiritual experiences, for those who wish to know what will happen in future and what event will happen at what date, or wish to know about such spiritual experiences and for proof of some of them, you all are welcome to contact me on my email beyaz.emre2011(at), and then I will reply to the query mentioning full proof . Has there been any Science or Scientist that enabled a single person to do these things during entire world history, except Sheik Nazim? Can traditional Islam or any religion in the world make you have such experiences. Remember, those who are not followers of a real saint, their feelings, perceptions and knowledge is limited even if they feel as if they have discovered greatest things ever. 

Do not blame Sheikh Nazim for anything, he is the best and one of the few greatest men and saint this world has seen.

I am proud to be his follower! 

Telling future or fortune telling his haraam,so you already are not counted as a muslim.There are various hadiths which quote that.

I dont know if I should say salam but salam. As it is ramadan now i hope u find out u are part of an evil fitna cult? These things u claim u can do I have only heard the prophet himself (sws) could do. What makes u think anyone can do those things? If u are truly a muslim why do u praise this man so much while u dont even praise Allah so much in ur very long comment. No where do I see Allah is so great only about ur sect leader. This is not right I think. Allah knows best but seems slippery slope to me. Hope u find ur way out

After reading the so called research you have undertaken David livingstone, it goes to show how illiterate you are, and here is a quote for you, "when you do not have knowledge someone can bring you dirt and you will believe it's gold". And for those who have commented negatively above about my shaykh I don't need to justify anything to such people who just like david, also lack intellect and are illiterate in so many ways. 

May Allah guide you to the right path and give you hidayat. 

I just conversed with with brother David Livingstone on Facebook a short moment ago..easy on the man! He is only human and makes mistakes. If he truly was dishonest and/or careless when it came to facts why would he correct his own article, which he just did today as a result of our conversation on Facebook! You don't think Shaykh Nazim Al-Qubrusi was connected with George Gurdjieff ? Well whether he was or not it essentially does not matter since Nazim Al-Qubrusi's mentor, Sheikh Abdullah Daghestai, was!! Read the following words from Shaykh Hisham (one of the deputies if not the deputy of Shaykh Nazim) in his book:

"Russian Teacher (Spiritual Sheikh) George Gurdjieff visited Haqqani Grand Sheikh Abdullah Daghestani in Istanbul, Turkey, and was blessed by the Grand Sheikh. After the meeting, Grand Sheikh advised Gurdjieff to keep the meeting secret in his heart and do not speak of it in this life." Grand Sheikh Abdullah Daghestai gave Gurdjieff the title of "Abd an-Nur" (Enlightened One) and said "that is your name with us, you are free to stay or go as your responsibilities allow. The Sheikh further said, 'You are always welcome with us. You have attained safety in the Divine Presence. May God strengthen you in your work'. During the meeting, Gurdjieff reported to have told Abdullah Daghestani that "Through your (Daghestani's) spiritual power I was able to ascend to the knowledge of the power of the Nine Points (Enneagram). A voice told me the light has been given to you from the Divine Presence to bring peace to your heart. However, you must not use the power of this knowledge". Source: "The Naqshbandi Sufi Way: History and Guidebook of the Saints of the Golden Chain", (Kazi Pub., US, 1995)



Sheikh nazim was and he is a source of light for the believers. The sheikh has thousands of video around the web. Is this all you can present to us. ???? Shame on you thousand times. You must be working for shaitan to abose sheikh nazimn as he is working for the true

Who is the fraud here? It's you, this article doesn't count as a conspiracy, it is totally fake and fraud, if you really need money, then get a job.

To clarify Sulejman Shwartz is a murad of the bektashi order not naskbandi haqqani.

What if he dreamt about Holy Prophet telling he was a wali?

There are also lots of people in this tariqat claiming to dream with the Holy Prophet... you all seems way too lurky about them, but even though he insults the ones whose attitudes make people hearts away from islam.

Isa, peace and blessings be upon him told: "By their actions thou shall know them".

I didn't see a single sufi claiming for yihad against Europe, all wahabites/salafists/and-so-on.Which sin is worst, people? Never stop investigating, for you may still have not read the book called:

SALAFISM UNVEILED from Sheik Hisham Kabbani

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