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By a leading scholar of the twentieth century explores the pervasive Near Eastern, or Phoenician, influence on Greek culture in the Early Archaic Age.



The bizarre story of Kerry Thornley's implication in the JFK assassination. Thornley would go on to become an important figure in Neopaganism through his founding of the pseudo-religion of Discordianism, which influenced Chaos Magick and Robert Anton Wilson.


Are religion and science really at war with one another? Not according to David F. Noble, who argues that the flourishing of both religion and technology today is nothing new but rather the continuation of a 1,000-year-old Western tradition.


Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Harriman, Gould, Frick...this is the story of the giant american capitalists who seized economic power after the Civil War and altered the shape of american life forever.


All about the CIA's experimentations in the paranormal, and their contact with "The Nine", which provided the basis of the delusions of the "New Egyptologists" and their theories of the Atlantean origins of ancient civilizations.

The expert on paganism in the Renaissance, reveals the influence of the Picatrix and other astrological themes in shaping the direction of art in the period.



According to Professor Wurtherwein, "the Hebrew text which we have today has been altered from its original form by many circumstances and undoubtedly contains many corruptions." He explains in detail how that can be determined from the evidence.


Excellent and detailed book about the roots and ideas that formed the Occult Revival of the 18th century, and that laid the ground for much of the occulture of the 20th.

This is the book that has revealed the origins of the Illuminati, and its relationship to heretical Jewish cult of Shabbateans.