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After WWII, the CIA hired Hitler's star commando, Otto Skorzeny, who was the key individual in their maintenance of the Fascist International.


Meyer. The Ancient Mysteries : A Sourcebook: Sacred Texts of the Mystery Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean World. Excellent. Some introduction to the ancient mysteries, but mainly an anthology of most of the known related texts.



In The Children of Noah, Raphael Patai explores the little recognized role of Jewish seafaring in Ancient Times. Important in understanding their possible connection to the Phoenicians and their colonization of much of the Mediterranean.



The goddess, originally Lilith, is often worshipped in her darker aspects, and was thus diguised in for European occultists as a "Black Virgin".



M.L. West. The East Face of Helicon : West Asiatic Elements in Greek Poetry and Myth. Extensive. According to M. L. West, though a number of foreign elements were derived from other parts of the Near East, it was from the Semitic West specifically, composed mainly of the nations of Lebanon and Palestine, which exercised the greatest degree of influence on Greek culture.


The origins of Gnosticism have confused scholars for some time, who contested between theories of Greek and "Iranian", or Magian, origins. More recently, it has come to be accepted that Gnosticism is derived from Merkabah msyticism, which represents the earliest developments of the Kabbalah.


By Kurt Seligman. Great introduction to history of magic. Comprehensive, well organized and enjoyable to read.



Out of a lifetime of study of the ancient Near East, Professor Olmstead has gathered previously unknown material into the story of the life, times, and thought of the Persians, told for the first time from the Persian rather than the traditional Greek point of view.

"The fullest and most reliable presentation of the history of the Persian Empire in existence."--M. Rostovtzeff


THE book on the Templars is Partner's The Knights Templar and Their Myth. Lots of apologetics to defend the Templars as wrongly accused by a venal Catholic Church, but nevertheless a good introduction to their ideas, their trial, and how their legend developed.



Explores the possible identities of Blavatsky's "Ascended Masters," and her connection to Jamal ud Din al Afghani, the founder of the Salafi tradition that produced the Muslim Brotherhood.