See how tight constraints and desire to win over the hearts and minds of people world wide to support the baseless cause for the invasion of Iraq. See how different the sides are between east and western reporting. You be the judge of the truth.

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This is 2.5 hour film from Chris White takes a very close look at David Icke's history and beliefs. It reveals the true sources of David Icke's theories which are often...

My entire session with Daryl Bradford Smith of I Am the Witness. It was a challenging interview. But I wanted to get a few points across. Mainly to counter claims of general Jewish criminality and the myth about the Khazars being the ancestors of the majority of Ashkhenazi Jews, a notion promoted by Arthur Koestler, who, as I point out in the interview, worked with the CIA.

Shearer, Kosh, Flynn - (2005)

In 1979, the CIA armed and funded the Mujahedin, leaving a programme worth millions of dollars in the hands of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI). Among the Mujahedin was a rich Saudi called Osama bin Laden. By 1984, the US was spending $200 million a year on the Afghan/Soviet war. After five...

'Hashmatsa' ('Defamation') by Israeli director Yoav Shamir dares to attack one of the sacred cows of Israel and of the Jewish people thinking - how it reacts to antisemitism around the world, how it looks at the evil of the Holocaust, and how young generations are being educated in Israel with respect to these painful and fundamental issues.

Quest to answer the question, What is anti-...

British report on Israeli violence in Gaza against not only Palestinian civilians, but international aid volunteers and foreign reporters as well.