William Burroughs : CIA Assassin?

Author William Burroughs was an assassin for the CIA. His books are semi-autobiographical and touch on
themes of intrigue, espionage, drug trafficking, assassination, homosexuality, and dissociative identity disorder.
At the age of 15 he was sent for training to the masonic Los Alamos Ranch School, which was a
mounted Boy Scout troop situated on land that eventually became the Los Allomos
atomic research facility and military base. He became an expert marksman, and spoke of
of missing time during which he would write things that he would later not remember writing
William Burroughs is also famous for having 'accidentally' shot his common-law wife Joan Vollmer at
a drunken party in Mexico. Burroughs used to shoot targets balanced on the top of Joan's head as a party stunt, and one night the stunt went wrong, and Joan was killed via a bullet to the head.