Dutch TV - Documentary about Yale's secret society, 'Skull & Bones' Part 1

Examines the secret world of the Yale branch of the satanic Skull & Bones cult that includes families such as Bush, Kerry, Gates, Kellogg, Bundy, Harriman, Lord, Whitney, Perkins, Stimson, Taft, Wadsworth, Phelps, Gilman, Payne, Weyerhaeuser, Pillsbury, Sloane, Davison, and Rockefeller. It also controls or influences organizations such as Standard Oil, Shell Oil, Federal Reserve, and UNESCO; educational institutions like Cornell University and Johns Hopkins University; academic associations like American Historical Association, American Economic Association, American Chemical Society, and American Psychological Association; foundations such as Carnegie Institution, Ford Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation; and of course every aspect of government.