Political Conspiracy

The Kinsey Syndrome

This documentary shows how "The Kinsey Reports" have been used to change the laws concerning sex crimes in America, resulting in the minimal sentences so often given to rapists and pedophiles. Further explained is that the Kinsey data laid the foundation for sex education -- training teachers, psychologists and even Catholic priests in human sexuality. What has been the consequence? And what was Kinsey's research really based upon?

The X-Men Movies and the Gay Agenda

Is it true that X-Men directors and writers see the term "X-Men" as a code word for "gay" in the X-Men movies? Are they using diabolical subterfuge to shove gay propaganda down the throats of our children?

60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators

A 60 Minutes Special Investigation will expose the dark secrets of Britain's most powerful men.

Dutch Injustice

Joris Demmink, the current Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice has consistently been linked to the sexual assault and trafficking of young boys, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Buzzsaw: lluminati, Islam & Terrorism with David Livingstone

Illuminati, Islam and terror connections, + the government of Saudi Arabia and subversive spirituality pulling the strings around the globe are discussed with author David Livingstone. Secular democracy and Islamic theocracy, mysticism, sufism, and the second coming of Christ are all explored in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

More here: Buzzsaw

Sabbatean-Frankist Roots of the Nazis

Here is a very impressive interview by Barry Chamish with Elat Pressman on October 30, 2012. It parallels so much of what I researched and presented in my latest book, Black Terror White Soldiers. All these findings are thanks to the work of Rabbi Antelman who died recently.