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Excellent summary of the role of al Qaeda, created as a YouTube video by Morris.


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It's interesting to see your conclusion, but I think it's oversimplify the problem. If all the things that u describe is true, it gives the image that USA government can manage anything perfectly, what about Taliban and Mullah Umar, are they part of the conspiracy too? Maybe it's right that Al Qaeda was the part of CIA, but don't u think that in occupied nation there are always be the rebel group, maybe in this case represented by local people, then those movement join in one command under the Global Islam Movement
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I can understand your dismay, but it's a well-known fact that the Americans produced the Taliban.  They followed Pakistan's advice that the Taliban would serve to unite the coutry, and the Americans supported them in that strategy.  The Pakistantis funded the rise of the Taliban, but in the end, that was all Americna money they were spending. 

For Pakistan, it meant in effect colonizing the country, as the Taliban were essentially their creation, and following their particular verison of Islam.  That version, propagated through the Madrassas, was the Deobandi school, funded mainly through the support of Saudi Arabia.  But in all cases, though they acted somewhat within their own interests, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were acting at the behest of the Americans.

The most important lesson for Muslims to learn is to not be fooled again by leaders or groups who appear or claim to be defending Islam.  In fact, it's our collective gullibility in just these cases which is continually being exploited to lure us into believing we are doing something for Islam, when in fact, we have been duped by its enemies into the very opposite. 

We have been warned over and over in the Qur'an about the danger of imposters.  Time we figured it out.

It's hard to tell exactly what's going without being closer to the situation, but consider the popular opinion of Afghanis themselves.

Afghans believe US is funding Taliban

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