Prediction of three world wars by Albert Pike was a hoax


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Dear Mr. Livingstone.

I read your book with great interest. Nevertheless I wanted to point out one major mistake that it contains: The alledged prediction of three world wars by Albert Pike.

As Terry Melanson found out, the alledged letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini, August 15, 1871 was a forgery by Leo Taxil aka Dr Bataille published in the book Le diable au XIXe siècle, v. II, 1894,  pp. 594-606.

Please refer to the following article for all details concerning the hoax.

Best Regards!











It is none the less accurate account of what seems to be happening, no?

The 3WW scenario presented by William Guy Carr is not necessarily a hoax. Terry Melanson did an excellent job of uncovering the confused sources mentioned by Carr, but his analysis has to do with the portion on nihilism.

Carr provides the letter from Pike to Mazzini only as a source for his descrption of unleashing the "Atheists and Nihlists" which is supposed to take place AFTER the 3 war scenario.

The 3WW scenario itiself, on the other hand, is a synopsis, and a separate matter. Like almost all content in Carr's book, it's presented with no source reference. Which is too bad.

But I find, given the fact that Carr wrote it in the early 50s, that it was an astoundingly astute analysis. People today still fail to recognize the obvious fact that the clash of civilizations is a new Cold War, but this time against Islam. And the so-called Arab Spring is of course a perpetuation of that.

Thanks for that balanced response.

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