Saudi royal family & corruption

"To understand the danger of having the House of Saud involved in anything you have to understand the way business is done in Saudi Arabia. Remember, oil is the source of all revenue in Saudi Arabia, and the Saud family - under the cover of government ministries - controls how this wealth is divided up amongst themselves. The Saud family has become very clever in making this all appear to have an air of legitimacy. Otherwise, their greed and corruption becomes so obvious as to incite unrest among all the other tribes on the Arabian peninsular - not unlike the response starving French peasants had when Marie Antoinette supposedly stated "let them eat cake". To accomplish this, oil revenue must appear to be the asset of all Saudi citizens, managed for their welfare under the auspices of official government ministries (although you will not find any major government ministry not ran overtly or at least behind the scenes by anyone other than an Al Saud !!
the tribe of Saud came into power, formed the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and remains in power today, due primarily to it's longstanding partnership with the Wahhabi sect of Islam centered in the Najd region (which includes Riyadh). It is this sect which supports all the muslim extremists around the world. It is these "Islamic schools" that serve as fertile breeding grounds for the recruitment of future terrorists. And it is where young students are brainwashed on a curriculum of hatred for Western values, in general, and Israel and the U.S. in particular."