Saudi & America ...Slave & Master

This documentary highlights the history of the Saudi Arabia which was founded by King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud In 1902 with the help of British Government and spies who armed and financed the rebellions against the Ottoman Empire. The video discusses the present day’s affairs between the Saudis and the America and highlights how the Al-Saud family relies upon the America to control the country. An eye opening video for anyone who is interested in the world current affairs. What would you do if your country was invaded? [ Kiumars2000 ] Tags: Afghanistan Azerbaijan Albania Algeria Bahrain Bangladesh Brunei Burkina Chad Comoros Egypt Faso Gaza Gambia Guinea Iraq Iran India Indonesia Jordan Kyrgyzstan Kashmir Kuwait Lebanon Libya Mauritania Mali Malaysia Morocco Maldives Nigeria Oman Palestine Pakistan Saudi Somalia Sudan Sierra Leon Senegal Syria Tunisia Turkey Tajikistan Turkmenistan WestBank Niger Qatar UAE Uzbekistan Yemen USA Iraq War Resistance Islam Muslim Jew Zion Israel Talmud