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The Holiness of Sin: Freud, the Frankfurt School and the Kabbalah

The following is an excerpt from Black Terror White Soldiers

MK-Ultra, the CIA's infamous "mind control" program, was an extension of the behavior control research conducted by the Tavistock Institute. Formed at Oxford University, London, in 1920 by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), a sister organization to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) created by the Round Table, the Tavistock Clinic became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II.[1]

Syria: Israeli Foreign Policy by Proxy

What’s happening in Syria has nothing to do with the supposed use of chemical weapons, and everything to do with the imperial ambitions of the state of Israel, which is wielding its power through its infamous lobby, to use American might by proxy to carry out its objectives in the region.

The Sufi Conspiracy

Having lost touch with its glorious heritage of classical scholarship, the Muslim world today is divided in squabbles between two opposing camps, who despite their respective deviations, are both attempting to usurp the right to represent orthodox Islam. The Wahhabis and Salafis are the product of a British strategy to undermine Islamic tradition and create fundamentalism. While the Sufis are their most vocal and articulate critics, rightly pointing out their corruptions, they themselves are part of a similar conspiracy, again with close ties to Western intelligence and the occult.

Ibn Taymiyya, and the Occult Origins of the Salafi Movement

Despite the horrors associated with “Shariah,” those instances represent aberrations perpetrated by radical factions of the religion created specifically to malign the reputation of Islam. With the increase of her power through her colonial possessions, Britain sought to undermine the great power of the time, the Islamic empire of the Ottoman Turks. To pursue their infamous strategy of Divide and Conquer, by creating rivalries within the Empire, the British needed the opportunity to rewrite the laws of Islam in order to create competing interpretations.

Laurel Canyon: Sex, Drugs and Aliens

Xaviant Haze has put together an interesting article, building on the excellent research of Dave McGowan on the mysterious world of Laurel Canyon, that connected the early folk rock music scene to Satanism and military intelligence. In particular, Haze makes mention of a strange 1983 B-movie called Wavelength, about a young couple who discover aliens being held by the US government for experimentation in an underground base in Laurel Canyon. In Haze’s words, the movie “drops hints about where to look when confronted with the Canyon conspiracy.”[i]

The Religious Factor: How the CIA fostered the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as tool of Western imperialism in the Middle East

With the election of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, many devout Muslims had been fooled into believing they had elected to power a movement devoted to their interests. However, the Brotherhood is a Western-created organization and part of an American strategy of fostering and exploiting the rise of Islamic fundamentalism to serve its imperial interests in the region.

The Bibi Connection

by Max Blumenthal - Al Akbar English - Thursday, January 12, 2012

The US presidential election campaign that kicked off January 3 with the Iowa caucuses was the subject of a curious article attacking President Barack Obama in the mass circulation Israeli daily newspaper, Israel Hayom.

CIA, Mossad, Salafi terrorists behind Syria Mayhem

Webster Tarpley on the ground in Syria gives better informed explanation of dire situation Syria.

Proxy War in Syria Threatens Catastrophe for the Middle East

by Shamus Cooke for Global Research

In an effort to undermine Iran by overthrowing its strategic ally, Syria, western nations are using their Middle East client states to conduct a multi-pronged attack against Syria through the media, the Arab League, the United Nations and now through military proxy forces. This fact is widely recognized by many mainstream western media sources. For example, the well-connected pro-western magazine, the Economist, casually states: