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  • Reply to: "Islamic State" and the state of Islam   2 hours 33 min ago

    Brilliant Article! ... This is much needed in a world of confusion [among Musllims] and ruthless gnawing of the global Satanic/Cabalic/Masonic web [and their minions] to portray Islam intheir own vile image! ... To accuse David Livingstone of postulating 'anti-West polemic' is itself a 'remorseless, shameless pro-Satanic-West-polemic' (sorry to dismiss the typically-effiminately-argumentative-ramblings and Orwellian unspeak of a brainwashed mischief-maker in the first comment)! ... Scholarly efforts from those few David is God's ordainment to ensure that the re-writers of [false] history will fail miserably when [as prophecised 1400+ years ago] "the stones shall speak"! ... Meanwhile, pertaining to some great points on this article --- it would be great to hear from David regrding the recent publication of a 'revised Qur'an' from Syria/ Bashar Al Asad's Govt.