The Untold Story of Jews who built Bollywood

by Shelley Kasli at Great Game India

NOTE : When Indian cinema began, it was taboo for Hindu and Islamic women from respectable families to appear onscreen, so initially female roles were played by men, in the style of Shakespeare or Monty Python! However, the Jewish community was more liberal and progressive owing to their far more Westernised bringing-up and were prepared to take these role. The fact that they had lighter skin made them all the more suited for celluloid. These communities had very different values. Jewish women worked on other professions that at the time Hindu and Islamic women shunned. The Jews did not regard it as dirty and neither did the viewing public, who adored these stars.

Given the geopolitical situation in the Middle East and the recent war drums with China & Pak and also India’s close ties to Israel, it is important to note the importance that films had and will have in manufacturing public opinion, degrading and demoralizing society in exactly the same way as was done in the West, as a means of changing it into a pliable nation willing to do whatever organized Zionist interests want. Cinema is a very powerful medium and in this age of asymmetrical warfare a very close eye has to be kept for similar patterns on every aspect touching people’s lives.


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Below is an excerpt from the talk at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival on April 14 on Shalom Bollywood made by Danny Ben-Moshe.

Jewish Stars of Bollywood
By Michael Kaminer

They were towering stars of Bollywood, the century-old Mumbai-centered film industry that still cranks out 800 films a year, more than double the output of the U.S. And Danny Ben-Moshe, a research fellow at Deakin University in Australia, has spent six years piecing together their fascinating and largely forgotten stories for “Shalom Bollywood,” a documentary set for release later this year. The film “tells of the 2,000-year-old Indian Jewish community and its formative place in the Indian film industry,” according to its web site.

Peppering his presentation with rare film clips, Ben-Moshe will “tell the tale of how I stumbled on the story, how it unfolded, and the trials and tribulations of trying to make [the film].” He corresponded by email with The Arty Semite before boarding a plane for Toronto.

Michael Kaminer: How did you get into this subject, and what compelled you to make a movie about it?

Danny Ben-Moshe: An Indian student of mine gave me an obituary of Nadira, the last of the great Jewish Bollywood actors to pass away. I knew there were Indian Jews but had no idea there was such a prominent Jewish on screen star. I went to India to do some research to see if there was enough material to make a film about Nadira but I found out she was the tip of the iceberg.

The compelling factor was that it was such an intriguing different and eye-opening story. Given the subject matter, it offered the opportunity to make a vibrant, fun, slightly quirky film. How often do filmmakers get the opportunity to make all-singing, all-dancing documentaries?

How did Jews get involved in Bollywood films in the first place?

To some extent Jews got involved in Bollywood, or Indian cinema as it was then known, through a quirk of cultural circumstance. When Indian cinema began, it was taboo for Hindu and Islamic women to appear onscreen, so initially female roles were played by men, in the style of Shakespeare or Monty Python! However, the Jewish community was more liberal and progressive and they were prepared to take these role. The fact that they had lighter skin made them all the more suited for celluloid.

These communities had very different values. Jewish women worked on other professions that at the time Hindu and Islamic women shunned, like being telephone operators. The Jews did not regard it as dirty and neither did the viewing public, who adored these stars.

Was there any Jewish involvement in the creation of Bollywood itself, like in Hollywood?

It doesn’t quite compare because Hollywood was a studio system. Indian cinema was going for several years before the first studio opened. However, the first female superstar was the Jewish actress Sulochana (aka Ruby Myers), and she and other Jewish stars had a formative impact on the development of Indian cinema.

While in the early days of Hollywood the Jewish influence was behind the camera, in India it was front-and-center onscreen, but there were some important exemptions to this. Foremost of these is the scriptwriter David Joseph Penkar, who wrote the first talkie in India cinema, “Alam Ara” in 1931 that established the template Indian film was to follow.

Alam Ara Jews Bollywood Illuminati India

Could you tell us about just a few of the biggest Jewish Bollywood stars?

Along with Sulochana, there’s Pramila (aka Esther Abrahams), the first Miss India, and Nadira, one of the all time great vamps of India cinema, who regularly featured in the films of legendary director Raj Kapoor.

Nadira Jews Bollywood Illuminati India
Was there a Jewish influence on other elements of Bollywood cinema, like music, choreography, costumes or screenwriting?

Jews worked in all these fields, and some still do, but their major impact was on screen. They were the biggest of the big stars and pushed the boundaries of Indian cinema. I should, however, mention the late Bunny Reuben, the right hand man to Raj Kapoor and maybe Bollywood’s greatest-ever publicist.

This month marks the centennial of Bollywood film-making. Is there any awareness in India – or anywhere – about the roles Jews played?

I have spoken to many prominent industry figures in India past and present and few knew these people were Jewish. That is part of the story my film tells, which is because of the stage names of the Jewish stars people assumed they were Muslims. The Indian Jewish community was and is so tiny people don’t even know what a Jew is. They were often confused with a prominent minority, the Parsis.

Is there any Jewish presence in Bollywood today?

Yes, but in a more modest way, such as choreographer Baba Herman, who is in my film.

Shalom Bollywood

End of interview.


Jews, the lost tribe of Indian Cinema

When India started producing films in the early 20th century, it was taboo for Hindu and Muslim women from “respectable” families to play the lead roles. The Jewish community, owing to the far more Westernised bringing-up, was more liberal when it came to acting in movies, especially by the womenfolk.

Solomon, a Bene Israel’s grandfather Solomon Moses ran the Bombay Film Lab Pvt Ltd from the 1940s to 1990s.

It is believed Bene Israelis are the descendants of one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel, which was shipwrecked at Navgaon, a small village south of Mumbai, in the second century B.C. and made India their home.

The community was in a sense pioneering when it comes to the Bombay film industry with several superstars of the silent era hailing from Jewish households.

Jews Bollywood India Illuminati

Actress Firoza Begum alias Susan Solomon, a Bene Israel, starred in a succession of Hindi and Marathi films like “Bewafa Qatil”, “Prem Veer” and “Circus Girl” in the 1920s and 1930s.

Ruby Meyers (1907-1983), more famous by her screen name Sulochana (senior), was another Bene Israel, who was introduced into the world of films by Ardeshir B. Irani, the father of Indian talkies.

The Pune-born actress starred in movies like “Typist Girl” (1926) and “Wildcat of Bombay” (1927) and was one of the highest paid actresses of her time drawing a salary of Rs.5,000.

She is often remembered for her role of a nanny in “Julie” (1975), which also starred another famous Jewish actress Nadira alias Farhat Ezekiel, a Baghdadi Jew who debuted opposite Dilip Kumar in “Aan” (1952).

The Baghdadi Jews (who arrived from Iraq, Syria and Iran around 1796, fleeing persecution in their native lands) were very fair and beautiful, making them ideal candidates for the silver screen.

Scholars also recall Patience Cooper (1905-1983), who played the first double role of Indian cinema in “Patni Pratap” (1923), Pramila or Esther Abraham and others.

David Abraham Cheulkar (1908-1982), better known as David, who portrayed the benevolent “John Chacha” of “Boot Polish” (1954) and is remembered for the song “Nanhe Munne Bachche”, too was a Bene Israel.

Kolkata-born Ezra Mir alias Edwin Myers (1903-1993) was the first chief of India’s Film Division, then called the Information Films of India under British rule, and is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the producer of the largest number of documentaries and short films.

Bunny Reuben, another Bene Israel, is a senior film journalist and author who has chronicled the trends in Bollywood since the late 1940s and was a close friend and publicist of legendary showman Raj Kapoor.

Reuben has penned several biographies of Bollywood personalities – the latest one being “…and Pran”, about the life and times of the screen villain Pran.

Nadira, who hailed from the Nagpada area of central Mumbai, is perhaps the only Jew who continues today to do the odd role in television serials and cinema.

On their part, Jews – in India as well as in Israel – are fond of vintage Hindi film music.

The 50,000-strong Indian Jews settled in Israel are perhaps the biggest fans of vintage Bollywood music. They associate these songs with fond memories they have of their time in India.



What is important to note here is the infiltration of Mossad into Bollywood as well. A disproportionate assets case filed by R.K. Yadav, 62, a former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) official against Anand Kumar Verma, 81, who retired as RAW chief in 1990 unveils a riveting story of safe houses for Mossad, fake firms and secret funds; buying shopping complexes and even producing movies.

Read more on this here RAW & Mossad : The Secret Link – Mossad Safe Houses in New Delhi


Thank you mister Livingstone for this news.


Wow what and amazing story and wonderful information about the movies. Great post. Raavi show

Even today there are a fair number of stars who obviously have Jewish genes from the facial features like nose shape, etc. to unusally kinky and puffy hair texture. Anyone can spot them. Good information. We need a feature on the conspiracy of Satanic Globalists and Reptilians in Bollywood, too. They are overrunning the naturally pious consciousness of India and it needs to be stopped..

I have been brought up on bollywood movies . later i completely got fed up with them and stopped watching completely. because i saw just a repetition of the same format again and again and even with the same actors.

Pulp to the Max. It never thought me anything new about this world or new angles on history or different philosophical subjects etc.

not even much historical stories except of course the dramatized king akbar and mahabaratha etc .

it is an effective tool to space out for a few hours and forget the world, but when you´s done the world is still the same.
the occasional movie is not a bad thing , but 3 hours or more and our family was watching a lot when the VHS came out. everybody seemed addicted to them.
i dont like musicals , so i hated the songs.

it shows me again and again that zionism is worldwide in different forms, and lately the bollywood movies have cathed up and are used as a tool for sexualizing the minds of people watching them, especially the next generation.

the same deviant hollywood-mindmagic-crap programming and occupying the minds with trivial garbage . Dumb down the oppressed and they will not even know that they have other options for a better life.
Also it works like a deflation tool for genuine anger-stress about shitty living standards, as in the movies unlike real life Justice is always served at the end unlike most of the real world.

Hypnosis. I have been a fan of Hong Kong martial arts cinema and they use the same format without singing and dancing .

poor against rich
family member is killed when young
after growing up revanche is taken
people die
females get raped
a lot of violence and bloodshed
police is corrupt and politicans also
the landowner or big business boss is also evil
the poor oppressed win.

example ± The big boss by Bruce Lee

and in the indian cinema as the brahmin class would like , the servants and extra´s are always dark and the hero-heroinerich are white. so that puts that reality as normal in the minds of children.

The manipulators must know our surpressed psyche very well and they have learned how to manage it in their favor.

Cinema, Art, Poetry, Song and Dance start to create society and perceived reality and we enter a self/perpetuating loop of Shite.

Also the near godlike veneration of actors worldwide and in more extreme fashion in India. Amitabh Bachan anyone like a living god -avatar god/man .

That to me is a deviation from reality . these actors are just humans with their strenghts and weaknesses and in no way spiritually deserve the status and energy they get through the tricknology of cinema.

A lot of actors-actresses also in Bollywood end up on the casting couch and have to sell their body and soul for the fame and glory.
These are like spiritually empty vessels parading like they are enlightened.

And i think all of these top/people are like that , any decent person would not survive in that environment for long without getting into serious cognitive dissonance and mental problems .

Maybe thats the reason for the high number of suicides drugabuse with the Hollywood stars.

A large part of brainpower is used for face recognition and our emotional states can be controlled by faces and the triggered effect .

Hello my name is rachel and i have just finished reading a comment you made about 2 yrs ago. I would like to ask you a few questions. If you would please reply i will greatly apprectiate thank you.

Asalamu alaykum Mr Livingstone.
Really great piece and analysis is accurate. Film industry is filled with illuminati scumbags just like Hollywood. I havent watched a movie from bollywood/any other wood in a long time and i hope to keep it that way to restore my sanity.

I once saw a video on youtube that spoke to magic and how hollywood is derived from holy wood. Could you throw some light on it?

There are plenty of videos online about Hollywood and the Illuminati or satanism, but not many of them are any good. Everyone's looking for symbols. And most of the time, what they interpret as symbols is pretty sketchy.

But there's no doubt that Hollywood is run by the Illuminati and satanism. The symbolism is not always covert. Most of the time, it's just obvious in the way they promote certain feminist values, promiscuity, materialism and so on. It's important not to forget that those are the core values of satanism.

And of course Hollywood is used for propaganda. Spartacus Educational is an excellent source on many subjects, and there's a great article there on the CIA's Operation Mockingbird if you want to know more.

There is also a lot of more overt occult content, but not in the way people except, such as in horror movies. Fascination with death and morbidity, and insensitivity to violence is another classic example of satanism. So almost all horror movies are basically satananic in their orientation. But there's also the occult significance of movies like The Exorcist, Omen, Poltergeist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars series, Star Trek, vampire movies, and of course Harry Potter, which is the most obvious.

Also, consider the fact that all little girls these days want to be "princesses," and boys are fascinated with dragons. That's overtly occult. No one considers where all that comes from, but it comes from tales of knights, which is the Templars, or the Kabbalah. Those tales themselves come from the legend of St. George, which in turn is derived from the ancient myth of Baal.

St. George is worshipped simultaenously by some Jews, Christians and Muslims. By Jews he is Elijah, and to Sufis he is al Khidr. And that's why al Khidr is also important to the New Age movement. Too much explain here, buti it's all in my new book, Black Terror White Soldiers.

Abay chup!

wow this is amazing,never had an idea that there were so many jews working in bollywood i was searching about saif ali khan(indian actor) and his production house named illumanati,and i ended up here,interesting read.


It's not just Hollywood. The whole of India is controlled by Jews who pretend to be Hindu or Muslim. Start from the top with modi. The idea is to destroy Hindi culture. And they have done so successfully. Look at how women are portrayed as mere sex. objects.

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