Zionists’ Best Friends: Patriots, White Supremacists and Libertarians


Alex Jones has recently filmed a debate between himself and former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke, and while Jones claims to use the logic of the “globalists” against themselves, he inadvertently reveals his own ties with the Patriot and white supremacist movements, which have been a key component in the Zionist manipulation of conspiracy culture in the US.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, employing the ultimate chutzpah, pronounced a plan to exploit the stereotype of the wealthy Jew in order to create anti-Semitism to generate support for the cause of Zionism. According to Herzl, “The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”[1]

Throughout the century, maintaining the impression of an enduring threat of “anti-Semitism” has been essential to the Zionists’ quest of recruiting the backing of the nations of the world in support for the genocidal and racist state of Israel. Ultimately, the Zionists have been cultivating a culture of anti-Semitism around the world, and especially in American conspiracy culture.

As demonstrated by Yoav Shamir, in True Stories: Defamation, a 2010 documentary aired by Channel 4, the Anti-Defamation League, originally founded by the Masonic and Sabbatean B’nai B’rith, tends to exaggerate or even fabricate the threat of anti-Semitism.[2] In 2005, Norman G. Finkelstein explained in Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, that the specter of a “new anti-Semitism” has been invented by supporters of Israel to brand any serious criticisms of Israel's human rights abuses as anti-Semitism.

To Yoav Shamir, Abe Foxman, who had been the ADL’s head since 1987, explained his power and influence as exploiting the “fine line” of anti-Semitism. Jews, he explains, “are not as powerful as Jews think we are, nor as powerful as our enemies think we are. Somewheres [sic] in between. They do believe we can make a difference in Washington, and we are not going to convince them otherwise.” Foxman asks, “How do you fight this conspiratorial view of Jews without using it?” Yoav Shamir interprets Foxman’s explanation to mean, “It’s like a poker game, in which Foxman bluffs the other side into thinking the Jews have more influence and power in Washington than they really have. The downside is, that the idea of Jews being so powerful can result in envy, even hate.”[3]


Christian Right

Following upon Leo Strauss’ prescription of using Plato’s concept of “noble lies,” the Zionist neoconservatives seized on a plot to gain grassroots support in the US by aligning themselves with the Christian Right. By denouncing purported threats of “communism,” the movement serves the CIA and the Zionists’ real aim of pushing neoliberalism, the synarchist and fascist ideology of the Mont Pelerin Society, marketed to unsuspecting Americans as “Libertarianism.”

Funding for these policies, that defined the economics of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, known as “Reaganomics,” derived primarily from Rockefeller-dominated ExxonMobil, which then funded other foundations or known CIA fronts, who in turn fund the many conservative organizations and think tanks.[4] These incluce the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation and John M. Olin Foundation, who are also responsible for funding the Zionist American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the right-wing and the Heritage Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation represents one of the many tentacles of the gigantic Tavistock octopus, which has extended from the University of Sussex to the US through the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Esalen Institute, MIT, Hudson Institute, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, the Center of Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown, US Air Force Intelligence, and the RAND Corporation.[5]

The Tavistock Clinic was originally formed in 1920 by the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the sister organization of the Rockefeller-founded Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), both of which were products of the original Round Table created at the bidding of Cecil Rhodes. The Tavistock Clinic, which became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II, and contributed to the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, took its name from its benefactor Herbrand Russell, Marquees of Tavistock, 11th Duke of Bedford, a title inherited by the influential Russell family, one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Britain who came to power and the peerage with the rise of the Tudor dynasty.

The birth of the Christian Right is usually traced to a 1979 meeting where televangelist Jerry Falwell was urged to create a “Moral Majority” organization. Falwell founded the Moral Majority along with Paul Weyrich who had also founded the Heritage Foundation in 1973, with funding from brewery magnate Joseph Coors of the Coors beer empire and Richard Scaife, heir of the Carnegie-Mellon fortune. As Paul Weyrich explained:

The conservative movement, up to that point, was essentially an intellectual movement. It had some very powerful thinkers, but it didn’t have many troops. And as Stalin said of the Pope, “where are his divisions?” Well, we didn't have many divisions. When these folks became active, all of a sudden the conservative movement had lots of divisions. We were able to move literally millions of people. And this is something that we had literally no ability to do prior to that time.[6]

The Heritage foundation’s fascist orientation is divulged through its ties to neo-Nazis and the American far-right, and its affiliation with Christianity, which disguises a white-supremacist orientation connected to the Christian Identity movement. Christian Identity traces its origins to British-Israelism, and is based on the pre-Adamite hypothesis first proposed by La Peyrère in the seventeenth century, that offers a racist interpretation of Christianity where in some cases non-whites are regarded to not have souls.[7] La Peyrère collaborated with Menasseh ben Israel, as part of a Rosicrucian movement that orchestrated the mission of the false-messiah Sabbatai Zevi.


John Birch Society

As demonstrated in Black Terror White Soldiers: Islam Fascism and the New Aage, the Patriot Movement, headed by the John Birch Society (JBS), is a front for the CIA. JBS was affiliated with Western Goals, to which belonged Peter Grace, the chairman of the Knights of Malta in the US and a key figure in Operation Paperclip, which brought ex-Nazis to the US.[8] Western Goals was finally wound up in 1986 when the Tower Commission revealed it had been part of the Iran-Contra funding network. Oliver North identified Western Goals founder John Singlaub as his liaison to the White House.[9]

Grace and other JBS members also belonged to the Council for National Policy (CNP), whose early leadership comprised of members of the CFR, including Grace himself.[10] The CNP was described by The New York Times as a “little-known group of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country,” who meet three times yearly behind closed doors at undisclosed locations for a confidential conference.[11]

In Roads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States, sociologist Sara Diamond noted that to reduce the cost of producing and distributing anti-Communist materials, corporations turned to non-profit organizations such as the JBS.[12] According to Eustace Mullins, who claims that he was told so personally by one of its founders Revilo Oliver, the JBS was created by Nelson Rockefeller who appointed Robert C. Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to found and run the organization.[13] Ultimately, the JBS castigates the Illuminati, who they claim infiltrated the Freemasons, an otherwise noble and truly patriotic organization. The organization qualified their publication of the John Robison’s Proof of a Conspiracy, exposing the Illuminati, and originally published in 1789, with:

Let it be stressed that the present publication of Robison's work is not intended to open old wounds or create new animosity or distrust toward Freemasonry, whose adherents today certainly number among our staunchest patriots and anti-Communists... The conspirators have long since discarded Freemasonry as their vehicle. If clever conspirators could use - of all groups - so fine a group as the Masons, we must open our minds to consider what infinite possibilities are available to them in our own present day society. Their main habitat these days seems to be the great subsidized universities, tax-free foundations, mass media communications, governmental bureaus such as the State Department, and a myriad of private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations…[14]

Revilo Oliver left JBS, which he called “the Birch hoax,” to express a more anti-Semitic worldview, and eventually to assist William Luther Pierce in forming the National Alliance. William Pierce fit within the sphere of influence of the Aryan Nations, founded by Richard Butler, a former member of the Silver Shirts, the Neo-Nazi and occult-influenced organization of William Dudley Pelley. Pelley also published a major work on extraterrestrials called Star Guests.

Aryan Nations also included such notorious far-right leaders as ex-Texas Grand Dragon Louis Beam and White Aryan Resistance founder Tom Metzger. The Aryan Nations’ ideology is based on the teachings of Wesley Swift, a significant figure in the early Christian Identity movement, who combined British-Israelism, extreme anti-Semitism and political militancy.

These religious and political circles overlapped with the neo-Nazi movement when senior Identity figures collaborated with Lincoln Rockwell to launch the National States Rights Party in 1958. Butler himself introduced Rockwell to Christian Identity in the early 1960s. In June 1964, Rockwell met with Wesley Swift to discuss a close working relationship, motivated by Rockwell’s view that the American Nazi Party needed a pseudo-Christian theology to attract more members.


Esoteric Hitlerism

In 1962, Rockwell and National Socialist Movement (NSM) chief Colin Jordan, founded the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS). Jordan was an associate of Herbrand Russell’s son, Hastings Russell, Lord Tavistock, the 12th Duke of Bedford. Hastings went on to become patron of the British Peoples Party, a far-right political party founded in 1939 and led by ex-members of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. It was he whom Rudolf Hess flew to England to contact about ending World War II.

One of the founding members of WUNS, representing France, was Savitri Devi, a devoted follower of Jordan’s NSM, and who was also in contact with Aldous Huxley.[15] Devi was a leading exponent of what is referred as Esoteric Hitlerism, for her theory that Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu. Like Serrano, Rockwell was heavily influenced by Devi’s writings. Once Rockwell succeeded Jordan as leader of the WUNS, he launched National Socialist World as the party magazine, where his editor William Luther Pierce published condensed versions of Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun. Through Rockwell and Pierce, Devi’s Esoteric Hitlerism was brought to the attention of a much wider audience in Western Europe, the United States, South America and Australia.

The other leading exponent of Esoteric Hitlerism was Miguel Serrano, a Chilean ambassador, who had extensive contacts, which included Carl Jung, Ezra Pound, Jawaharlal Nehru, the Dalai Lama and the network of ex-Nazis in the employ of he CIA, like Otto Skorzeny. According to Serrano, Hitler had escaped WWII and found a refuge in Antarctica, where he maintained contact with the Hyperborean gods, and he would someday emerge with a fleet of UFOs to lead the forces of light over the forces of darkness in a last battle and to inaugurate a Fourth Reich.


National Renaissance Party

Serrano maintained correspondence with neo-Nazi leaders such as Matt Koehl, who assumed the leadership of WUNS following Rockwell's assassination in 1967. Koehl belonged to another important American neo-Nazi organization, the National Renaissance Party (NRP), founded in 1952 by James Madole. Madole became the father of postwar occult fascism, by borrowing from Theosophy, Hinduism, Wicca and Satanism.[16] There were also close relations between the NRP and the Church of Satan, of Anton Lavey.[17]

Another leading member of the NRP was Eustace Mullins, a well-known author among conspiracy historians, who had a homosexual affair Matt Koehl.[18] Mullins was encouraged to write The Secrets of The Federal Reserve, the preeminent conspiratorial treatment of the creation the American Federal Reserve system by mostly Jewish bankers, by Ezra Pound, who was inspired in his anti-Semitism by the writings of William Dudley Pelley. In addition to being acquainted with Serrano, Pound was also friends with James Jesus Angleton, the long-time chief of Counterintelligence, who was the head of the CIA’s Vatican Desk as well as the Israel Desk. In 1945 Pound was committed at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC, where he became a patient of MK-Ultra psychiatrist Dr. Winfred Overholser.

Koehl was also the Youth Section Leader of the American Committee for the Advancement of Western Culture (ACFAWC), founded by H. Keith Thompson, and of which Mullins served as “Treasurer.” Thompson served as a communications officer aboard the USS Mt. Olympus, the flagship of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition of December 1946 to April 1947. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the US, Britain and Australia, known as Operation Highjump, to establish the Antarctic research base Little America IV. However, according to popular legend, the Byrd expedition was an “invasion” and encountered heavy resistance from Nazi “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion.


Jewish Nazis

Through its links with the Patriot Movement, Christian Identity and the Christian right feed on various conspiracy theories that aim to justify their rabid fears of “godless communism.” The Christian Patriot Movement originally referred to the late 1980s’ Posse Comitatus group, a militant far-right organization which inspired the militia movement of paramilitary groups in the United States. Posse Comitatus charters were issued in 1969 in Portland, Oregon, by Henry Lamont Beach, a one-time member of the Silver Shirts.

Posse Comitatus followed an ideology based on the teachings of its founder, Christian Identity minister William Potter Gale. Gale, a former senior officer on General Douglas MacArthur’s staff, warned the world that a satanic Jewish conspiracy disguised as communism was corrupting public officials and the courts, undermining the United States and wrecking its divinely inspired Constitution. But, it turns out that Gale was descended on his father’s side from a long line of devout Jews, as explained Daniel Levitas.[19]

Gale was no exception. Quite a number of ostensibly Nazi leaders have turned out to be Jewish. The most famous case was that of Frank Collin. Due to a disagreement over Koehl’s successorship of the American Nazi Party (ANP), some members chose to support William Luther Pierce, eventually forming the National Alliance, while Frank Collin created the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA). In 1977, Colin’s NSPA created national controversy when it announced plans to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie, Illinois, where there was the largest Jewish population per-capita in the United States, among whom were many Holocaust survivors. It prompted a landmark legal battle where the NSPA won the right to exercise their “freedom of speech” and to march in their Nazi military uniforms, but without their swastika armbands.

However, Collin’s downfall came when it was discovered that his father Max Simon Collin was a Jew whose original surname had been “Cohen.” Max Cohen claimed to have been a prisoner at Dachau concentration camp, where Frank was said to have been conceived. Frank Collin was also convicted of child molestation in 1979, serving only three years of a seven-year sentence. After his release, Collin re-emerged as “Frank Joseph.” In 1987 he had a book published, The Destruction of Atlantis: Compelling Evidence of the Sudden Fall of the Legendary Civilization. “Frank Joseph” is now a self-described neo-pagan and edits The Ancient American magazine.

As Daniel Levitas remarked, in “Exploring What is Behind the Rare Phenomenon of Jewish Anti-Semites,” for Intelligence Report, “some of the most zealous anti-Semites on the American white supremacist scene have turned out to have direct family links to the religion and the people they have devoted their lives to hating.”[20] Daniel Burros, who first linked up with Rockwell, was the New York State organizer for Robert Shelton’s United Klans of America (UKA), the most notorious Klan group of the period. A front-page article in The New York Times in 1965 exposed his Jewish roots and Burros shot himself.

In the 1980s, Jordan Gollub managed to rise to the post of Mississippi state leader of the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, until it was discovered he was Jewish, after which he created an offshoot, called the Royal Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Another case is Bill White of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party, which could boast of a total of 6 members, but came to public attention in 1996 in a frontpage article in The Washington Post.

David Wolfgang Hawke, born Andrew Britt Greenbaum, created the Knights of Freedom, later renamed American Nationalist Party, to make the “final solution a reality.” He has been dubbed by the press as the “spam Nazi,” earning an estimated $600,000 for spamming ads for penis enlargement pills, before being sued by AOL.[21] Hawke told his supporters, who called him "the chosen one":

We must all carry with us in our hearts this knowledge, that the dreams of Adolf Hitler have not faded away, but are just as alive today as they were years ago! The German army was defeated on the battlefield, but the ideals of Adolf Hitler live on in the hearts and souls of those who now carry the torch of the Aryan peoples.[22]

The repeated occurrence of Jews posing as neo-Nazis should not be taken as haphazard. Their persistence would suggest they are not acting alone. We must reasonably assume that they are in the service of some agency, perhaps the Mossad, for the purpose of maintaining the impression of an enduring anti-Semitic threat, to justify the US government’s continued support for Israel. The media attention garnered by these misfits is typically disproportionally higher than their place in the white supremacist community itself. Their antics are obviously staged and absurdly exaggerated spoofs of neo-Nazism.


Ku Klux Klan

The KKK itself was founded by Dr. Kuttner Baruch, grandfather of Bernard Baruch, and Judah P. Benjamin, of the B’nai B’rith and the Order of Zion. In 2002, in an attempt to overcome the divisiveness that had followed the death of William Pierce, former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke presented a unity proposal for peace within the movement. His proposal, now known as the New Orleans Protocol, pledged adherents to a pan-European outlook, recognizing national and ethnic allegiance, but stressing the value of all European peoples. The Protocol was signed by and sponsored by a number of white supremacist leaders and organizations, including Don Black, Willis Carto and John Tyndall, leader of the British National Party, and a former deputy to Colin Jordan’s NSM in the early 1960s, and who corresponded with Savitri Devi.

Influential is Willis Carto, who also helped found the Populist Party that served as an electoral vehicle for neo-Nazi and KKK members such as David Duke in 1988, and Christian Identity supporter Bo Gritz, on whom the movie character of Rambo was modeled in 1992. Carto's current American Free Press (AFP) runs columns by Joe Sobran, James Traficant, Paul Craig Roberts, and presidential candidate Ron Paul. Writers for the newspaper also include Michael Collins Piper, and James P. Tucker, Jr., a longtime Spotlight reporter known for this coverage of the Bilderberg Group. AFP focuses on conspiracy theory, nationalist economics, and anti-Zionism. It continues to promote alternative theories to the 9-11 attacks and support presidential candidates favoring individual liberty.

Eventually writing for Carto’s magazine Barnes Review around the end of his life was Eustace Mullins. In 1987, Mullins wrote a strange work called The Curse of Canaan, which regurgitates ideas expressed by Christian Identity minister William Potter Gale.

William Luther Pierce, who Carto had recruited to his National Youth Alliance, and who went on to become leader of the National Alliance, later became infamous for his authorship of The Turner Diaries, which depicts a violent revolution which leads to the overthrow of the United States government, nuclear war and ultimately to a race war, and is believed to have inspired Timothy McVeigh, the perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.[23]

Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader and white nationalist activist, created Stormfront.com, which started as an online bulletin board system in the early 1990s, before being established as a website in 1995 which popularizes the ideas of Esoteric Hitlerism. In a 2001 USA Today article, journalist Tara McKelvey called Stormfront “the most visited white supremacist site on the net.”[24] By June 2008, the site was attracting more than 40,000 unique users each day.[25]



Black told the New York Times that it was Ron Paul’s newsletters that inspired him to become his supporter.[26] Despite some dubious supporters, Paul attracted a wide following by saying a lot of the right things, particularly to the conspiracy-minded crowd. As noted by James Kirchick, who was the first to break the story of Paul’s newsletter in an article in The New Republic, “If you are a critic of the Bush administration, chances are that, at some point over the past six months, Ron Paul has said something that appealed to you.”[27]

But Paul and his associates published a number of the newsletters, particularly in the period between 1988 and 1994 when Paul was no longer in Congress, dwelling on conspiracy theories, praising anti-government militia movements and warning of coming race wars. The newsletters offered praise for David Duke and other controversial figures. On his website, Duke boasts of the endorsements and kind words he received from Paul in his newsletters and in turn endorsed Paul for president. During his 1996 congressional election, Paul said the material had been taken out of context, but in later years claimed the articles were ghostwritten and that he was unaware of their content. Paul’s former staffer Eric Dondero said Paul was not telling the truth.[28] Likewise, Paul's former secretary said, "It was his newsletter, and it was under his name, so he always got to see the final product.... He would proof it."[29] Paul continued to deny the accusations and to disavow the material.

Paul’s newsletter was a joint effort between he and another popular political commentator, Lew Rockwell.[30] With Murray Rothbard, Rockwell formed the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, which Paul still has a close working relationship. Von Mises (1881-1973) had also become one of the closest economic advisers of Engelbert Dollfuss and Otto von Habsburg of the Knights of Malta as well as Mont Pelerin, and both of Coudenhove-Kalergi's synarchist Pan-European Union. Rothbard was born in the Bronx, the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland. In 1954 Rothbard, along with several other students of Ludwig von Mises, associated with novelist Ayn Rand.

According to a Reason magazine article on the Paul newsletters, “Rockwell and the prominent libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard championed an open strategy of exploiting racial and class resentment to build a coalition with populist ‘paleoconservatives’…"[31] A detailed description of the strategy was presented in an essay Rothbard wrote for the January 1992, which is summarized by Sanchez and Weigel:

Lamenting that mainstream intellectuals and opinion leaders were too invested in the status quo to be brought around to a libertarian view, Rothbard pointed to David Duke and Joseph McCarthy as models for an “Outreach to the Rednecks,” which would fashion a broad libertarian/paleoconservative coalition by targeting the disaffected working and middle classes. (Duke, a former Klansman, was discussed in strikingly similar terms in a 1990 Ron Paul Political Report.) These groups could be mobilized to oppose an expansive state, Rothbard posited, by exposing an “unholy alliance of ‘corporate liberal’ Big Business and media elites, who, through big government, have privileged and caused to rise up a parasitic Underclass, who, among them all, are looting and oppressing the bulk of the middle and working classes in America.”[32]

Ron Paul has given extensive interviews to the magazine of the John Birch Society, and has frequently been a guest of the radio show of Alex Jones. The Patriot Movement are in complete denial of the Masonic roots of the American Revolution and of its purpose against Christianity in creating secularism. They have created a cult out of the “Founding Fathers,” and by denouncing the CFR and other “globalist” organizations for distancing the United States from the “ideals of the Constitution,” their “libertarianism,” which celebrates the cause of “Liberty,” is a merely a call for neoliberalism. But in following the program of the CNP, JBS and the Christian Identity ideology of the Patriot Movement, Jones is also exposed to its latent white-supremacism. Therefore, Jones repeats the excuse put forward by the movement which has rebranded itself as not being against other races, but being “for” white pride, and sees the “conspiracy” as being intent on exploiting minority issues to undermine the rights of pro-gun and “freedom-loving” white Americans.

Thus, by serving as the unwitting mouthpiece for their hidden neo-Nazi sympathies, Jones is acting to popularize the racist Aryan theories that ultimately tie the conservative movement to the New Age. Though the New Age denies its close relationship to Nazism, it nevertheless shares with it its roots in the thought of Blavatsky, as expressed by Alice Bailey. Both the New Age and Nazism hold in common the belief in the creation of an Aryan race by extra-terrestrials on Atlantis, which has become the basis of the UFO phenomenon. Presented as a fulfillment of Bailey’s “Externalization of the Hierarchy,” and the Age of Aquarius, extra-terrestrials are “Ancient Aliens” who have guided humanity throughout the centuries, and who will now come forward to lead the establishment of a New World Order according to a one-world religion.




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Stop Holocaust Denial

The "Holocaust" was just another chapter in an ancient, inter-tribal conflict between the occult elements within Judaism that infiltrated Judaism during the diaspora; forming the theosophical basis for the British ruling banking class, British intelligence, Jewish nationalism, and its Zionist manifestation in "Nazi" Germany; the impetus for the transfer agreements, Germany's WWII part of the Rothschild plan for the creation of Israel out of the nation-state of Palestine; and the "refuseniks" Jews who opposed NaZism, Zionism, and Jewish nationalism (NaZism). It was those "refuseniks" Jews, who thought rightly that Zionism was/is a cult, that it contradicted the foundations of justice found in the Torah, who suffered the deportation to the concentration camps along with the other "useless" eaters" deemed expendable by the NaZi "master race".

People need to know that the theosophical roots of the "master race", Zionism/NaZism, Jewish nationalism, Bolshevism (Freemasonry), are the same: the Babylonian Talmud, the Kaballah, the occult acting through the levels of initiation found in co-opted Freemasonry and its variations: e.g. the Thule Gesselschaft and Vril, the Golden Dawn, Skull and Bones, the Brotherhood of Death, even secret societies like the Ku Klux Klan. That Satanism, Satanic Ritual Abuse (torture, Project Monarch), eugenics, racism, depopulation, UFOs, the "Holocaust" and related genocides of the modern era, big and little, are their spawn.

They Act Like NaZis Because They WERE The NaZis. If people knew this occult history; the Rothschild banking clique, the Satanic oligarchy and its nuclear nation-state Israeli agent would be overthrown tomorrow. Stop denying the Holocaust!

By continuing to howl that the Holocaust is a fraud, a hoax, debating how many died, etc...is a deliberate distraction, helping to exculpate the real criminals, and does a disservice to history. The true multi-millennia history of the tension between the people and the occult priest class, Zionism and Judaism; and to all who struggle to get free from Zionism, internationalism, the Satanic communo-fascist New World Order. In Palestine and the world. Wake up!


You did mention Ayn Rand in drive by fashion but failed to mentione that she repudiated Libertarians with a sincere disgust...

It wasn't an article about Ayn Rand, or intended to suggest that she supported Libertarians. Nevertheless, her "philosophy" has been used to justify some of the greatest evil of our time. Libertarianism, like neoliberalism, is just selfishness buried in jargon.

Rand is one of the principal authors cited in the Satanic Bible of Anton LaVey, who explains that his religion is “just Ayn Rand’s philosophy, with ceremony and ritual added.”

As as explained by Max More, the founder of transhumanism, in "In Praise of the Devil":

Lucifer perseveres in trying to point out to us that we have no reason to accept altruism. It is only freedom from the false-virtue of altruism that we gain freedom from God and “the State.”

David said:

"selfishness buried in jargon"

Hehe, you obviously havent read anything of Rand. It's difficult to justify your "buried" claim when the very title of her work on the Objectivists ethics is "The Virtue of Selfishness".... Does one need a shovel to unconver Ms. Rand's ethics when its declared proudly and openly in the title of her book on said topic?

"Anton the pretender and Rand", or, "oil and water"

Some of the biggest touters of Atlas Shrugged are theistic mystics... Does that make Rand a mystic?.... Can you say "non sequitur"?....

Heres a thought, find out what Rand actually said herself and then supply a counter argument, not a strawman "so and so said of Rand" method of propagandistic branding by association. (but that is the primary method of conspiracy propaganda... argument by subconscious "associative coherence")



There are only 2 Gods; The cross and I.

Your information about Theosophy and the Aryans is just wrong.  And, Alice Bailey split from Theosophy because of differing views on spiritual masters, hierarchy, and Christ, among others.  Blavatsky states in the Secret Doctrine that these spiritual masters actually came from the moon, many millions of years ago.  They had completed their spiritual evolution, and was now going to help infant humanity on Earth.  She also claims that human beinag were on Earth at least 18 million years ago, though looking nothing like human beings today.  The Aryan racial idea she wrote about had nothing to do with skin color.  It had to do with a certain psychological type - which she deemed a 'root race' - and the Aryan root race was developing from the Atlantean root race, which had perfected "intellectual materiality" - psychic powers that eventually led to big egos and eventual destruction of the mainland of Atlantis (see any parallels today?).  And it was over a million years ago that the Aryan began evolving out of the Atlantean stock (which still has some leftovers in oriental people today).  It's a different mind-set; that's all.    

Normann himself is a marxist. Remember he make money on his holocaust industry

Do you have prove he is marxist?

An invitation to read Sheikh Imran Hoseins new book;
methodology for study of the Quran, available on his website as a free pdf.
Perhaps David may write a scholarly response.

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