Eustace Mullins: Occultist and Disinfo Agent of the Far-Right

Among the modern-day classics of conspiracy literature is Eustace Mullins’ Secrets of the Federal Reserve, which continues to define perceptions of the nature and purpose of the cabal that is currently suspected of secretly manipulating the world. However, as revealed in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, conspiracy culture is often deliberately manipulated in order to call out and neutralize potential dissidents.

As closer look at the career of Mullins reveals a typical example of the nefarious networks involved in nurturing feats of a “Jewish conspiracy” on behalf of American intelligence and the Zionists. After World War II, the CIA recruited leading Nazis and neo-Nazis, who went on for form a Fascist International, which served the organization in their fight against “communism.” Like their predecessors, this fascist network continued to cultivate the feat or a “Jewish” conspiracy as a sly method on the part of Zionists to continue to justify continued support for the state of Israel, and to cultivate sentiments favorable to World Bank and IMF policies of neoliberalism, falsely known in the conspiracy community as “Libertarianism.”

Mullins was mentored in his research on the Federal Reserve by Ezra Pound. As demonstrated in Transhumanism: The History of a Dangerous Idea, Pound was not only a notorious fascist, but also one of the key occult figures of the twentieth century, with deep ties to the CIA. A close friend of Golden Dawn member Yeats, Pound was an expatriate American and a major figure of the early modernist movement, and helped discover and shape the work of contemporaries such as T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway.

Pound was also a close friend of James Jesus Angleton, a Knight of Malta and key member of the Georgetown Set who created the CIA. Angleton, the long-time chief of Counterintelligence, was the head of the CIA’s Vatican Desk as well as the Israel Desk. Angleton was responsible for liaison with Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet agencies, crucial relationships that he managed for the remainder of his career. Angleton also become responsible for the Lovestone Empire, the network run for the CIA by Jay Lovestone. A former head of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), later a trade union leader, Lovestone worked with foreign unions using covert funds to construct a worldwide system of anti-communist unions. According to CIA agent and later Watergate burglar Howard Hunt, “the Communist Party of the United States, in fact, at the moment, was practically a branch of the Justice Department.”[1]

During World War II, the Italian government paid Pound to produce radio broadcasts criticizing the US and in particular the Jews. As a result, Pound was arrested for treason by American forces in Italy in 1945 and interned at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C, where he became a patient of MK-Ultra psychiatrist Dr. Winfred Overholser. As Colin Ross explained in The CIA Doctors, it was there that Dr. Winfred Overholser Sr. funded LSD research through the Scottish Rite Committee and was at the center of the mind control network.[2] St. Elizabeth’s is also where presidential assailants, serial killers or other federal cases are kept, such as Ezra Pound and John Hinckley, Jr. who shot Ronald Reagan.

Mullins was himself a fascist and a member of National Renaissance Party (NRP), a key organization of World Union of National Socialists (WUNS). The organization was created in 1962, when veteran US Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party (ANP), met with National Socialist Movement (NSM) chief Colin Jordan, and agreed to work towards developing an international network between movements as an umbrella group for neo-Nazi organizations across the globe.

Following Rockwell's assassination in 1967, NRP member Matt Koehl became head of WUNS as well as the ANP, later known as National Socialist White People’s Party. Koehl was the leader of a self-defined religious organization called the New Order, which describes itself on its website as follows: “We are the Movement of Adolf Hitler. We are His heirs. He has given us a commission, which it is our duty to discharge.”[3] New Order was a successor organization to the original American Nazi Party (ANP), founded by Lincoln Rockwell, which became a self-styled National Socialist religious group which promotes Esoteric Nazism as an alternative faith for “Aryans.”

The NRP, which founded in 1952 by James Madole, became a concern to the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA), an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives, who regarded both fascism and communism as “of grave concern to the committee.” Their report, Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups continues, “both seek to destroy our constitutional government and supplant it with a godless dictatorship in which the individual is deprived of his rights and liberties to become an abject slave of the state… Those who would support the extreme right today do as great a violence to our national institutions as do those on the extreme left.”[4] The report concludes that these organizations exploited racial and religious hatreds to gain financial support, and that many of them were led by “racketeers” mainly concerned with gaining financial reward by their activities.

The NRP publication, the Bulletin, referred to Hitler as the “George Washington of Europe” and promised: “What Hitler accomplished in Europe, the National Renaissance Party shall accomplish in America.” Its nine-point program advocated abolition of parliamentary government in the US in favor of government by a “trained elite” establishment of a fascist corporatism, encouragement of racial pride, preservation of the “white Aryan” race by gradual deportation of racial minorities, and denying Jews American citizenship, professional and political posts and the right of intermarriage. John M. Lundoff, Brooklyn chairman of the NRP, in the April 1952 Bulletin asked the youth of America to choose between “parliamentary democracy with its empty promises and discord or the clear, brave, and youthful Fascist principles outlined here.”[5] Similarly, in a leaflet entitled, “Asiatic Barbarism Versus Western Civilization,” Madole proclaimed:

Only the superbly efficient totalitarian economic systems of Fascists, National  Socialist, and Communist regimes are adaptible [sic] to the strain of TOTAL  WAR as practiced in the 20th century… The spirit of democracy is a glorification of weakness and cowardly conduct. It glorifies the coward instead  of the fighter, it raises feeble weaklings to leadership rather than a trained, iron-hard, and youthful elite…

Madole's NRP was frequently in the headlines during the 1960s and 1970s for its involvement in violent protests and riots in New York City. Although he never attracted more than a small group of followers, Madole, according to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, established himself as the father of postwar occult fascism. Madole's ideas on race were developed from Blavatsky whom he quoted to the effect that the Jewish Kabbalah derived from Aryan sources in Central Asia.[6]

Madole’s slogan for the NRP was taken from Edward Bulwer-Lytton: “no happiness without order, no order without authority, no authority without unity.”[7] Alongside books on Theosophy, the NRP literature list included Gerald Gardner’s The Meaning of Witchcraft, Lewis Spence’s The History and Origins of Druidism, Paul Carus’ History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil and a number of books on runes.[8] According to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Madole “wanted to translate mankind and the world into the authoritarian utopia of a revived Vedic hierarchy, employing violent and draconian means if necessary. The sectarian religion of Theosophy, borrowings from Hinduism, paganism and Satanism, and mystical biological and eugenic ideas all served to explain and justify his militant attack on the democratic and liberal institutions of the modern world.”[9]

There were also close relations between the NRP and the Church of Satan, of Anton Lavey. Madole and LaVey met frequently, and Madole is said to have erected a large satanic altar in his apartment, which included an image of Baphomet, and Madole played LaVey’s recording of the Satanic Mass at several NRP meetings. One NRP bulletin shows a picture of Madole and an SE trooper with the high priest of the Temple of Baal. But the Church of Satan was soon undermined by schismatics who started rival cults. Douglas Robbins, another ex-leader from the Church of Satan, cultivated close links with the fascist NRP of James Madole, and formed the satanic Order of the Black Ram with some other NRP members “to celebrate the ancient religious rites of the Aryan race.”[10]

Mullins founded the Free Ezra Pound Committee (FEPC) of which Matt Koehl was chairman. Researcher Ernie Lazar published a scathing report of Mullins’ dubious past and neo-Nazi affiliations based on several FBI reports, showing that Mullins altered FBI documents which he reproduced in his book, excising portions which referred to his homosexuality, his anti-Semitism and his connections to neo-Nazis and racial extremists. The HCUA reported that Mullins “eulogizes” Hitler in the anti-Semitism NPR’s Bulletin and wrote an article titled “Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation,” in 1952. In his self-published virulently anti-Jewish book The Biological Jew, Mullins compares Jews with biological parasites.[11]

Mullins was a roommate on several occasions in New York City and Chicago with Matt Koehl, with whom he had a homosexual affair. Eustace Mullins, Matt Koehl and Edward Fleckenstein were arrested near Middletown, New York circa 1955 in connection with their sodomizing of a hitch-hiking teenage boy in the back seat of a car in which they all were travelling. This probably accounts for why Mullins is described in FBI memos as follows: “Mullins is a warped, degenerate and depraved individual.”[12]

Koehl was also the Youth Section Leader of the American Committee for the Advancement of Western Culture (ACFAWC), founded by H. Keith Thompson, and of which Mullins served as “Treasurer.” Thompson served as a communications officer aboard the USS Mt. Olympus, the flagship of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition of December 1946 to April 1947. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the US, Britain and Australia, known as Operation Highjump, to establish the Antarctic research base Little America IV. However, according to popular legend, the Byrd expedition was an “invasion” and encountered heavy resistance from Nazi “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion.

Thompson resigned from the US Navy in order to accept commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. However, in February 1949, he faced a General Court Martial on charges of “scandalous conduct tending to destruction of good morals (sex deviate) and Maltreatment of Person Subject to His Orders.”[13]

Thompson hoped that the ACFAWC would become a coordinating group for white racial and nationalist activities of groups around the world. James Madole and other officers and members of the NRP also were represented on the ACFAWC, which had the role of serving as “a high policy planning group for the coordination of racial nationalist activities in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.” Among others associated with ACFAWC were Benjamin H. Freedman, a convert from Judaism to Roman Catholicism who became anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist activist. Freedman was well known to the ADL and the American Jewish Committee as an active supporter of the Arab cause in the Middle East.

Freedman was a financial backer of the author Conde McGinley, publisher of the periodical Common Sense, to which Mullins was a frequent contributor. In 1954, Rabbi Joachim Prinz (1902-1988) was awarded $30,000 in a libel suit against McGinley for having called him a “red rabbi.” The HCUA described Common Sense as "almost exclusively a vehicle for the exploitation of ignorance, prejudice and fear" and as  “a clearinghouse for hate propaganda throughout the country." A typical 1962 article in Common Sense was an “expose” entitled: “Zionist Invisible Government Plotting To Establish a World Government Under A Red Dictatorship Led By Asiatic Marxist Jews.”[14]

Around the end of his life, Mullins began writing for Willis Carto’s magazine Barnes Review. Carto a longtime figure on the American far-right was an influential political racial theorists through the Liberty Lobby and successor organizations which he helped create. The Liberty Lobby, which was active in the 1950s, is regarded as the source of an insurgent wing of the Patriot Movement through its promotion of themes of White supremacy and anti-Semitism. While in prison for possessing falsified passports, Francis Parker Yockey was visited by Carto who eventually became the chief advocate and publisher of his ideas.

Yockey was active with many far-right causes around the world and remains one of the seminal influences in many extremist right movements. By fusing anti-Semitism with anti-Americanism, Yockey identified the United States rather than Russia as Europe’s main enemy. Unlike most European and American neo-Fascists who advocated an alliance with the United States against Communism, Yockey spent the rest of his life attempting to forge an alliance between the worldwide forces of Communism and the international network of the extreme Right.

Yockey believed that true Rightists should aid the spread of Communism and Third World anti-colonial movements wherever possible, with an aim toward weakening or overthrowing the United States. Yockey spent part of 1953 meeting Gamal Nasser in Cairo, and maintaining links with the CIA’s leading Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s former star commando.[15] Yockey worked briefly for the Egyptian Information Ministry, writing anti-Zionist propaganda, seeing Arab nationalism as another ally to challenge "the Jewish-American power.”

Yockey was continuously pursued by the FBI for over a decade and was finally arrested in 1960, when authorities discovered falsified passports and birth certificates in his suitcase. Betraying his interest in the occult, papers found at the time of his arrest included his own essays on the principle of polarity in the psyche, a book on palmistry and politics, and a bibliography of books on the “second body,” on reincarnation and on cosmic rays.[16]

Carto also belonged at one time to the John Birch Society.[17] In Roads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States, sociologist Sara Diamond noted that to reduce the cost of producing and distributing anti-Communist materials, corporations turned to non-profit organizations such as the JBS.[18] According to Eustace Mullins, who claims that he was told personally by one of its founders Revilo Oliver, whom he regarded as a “good friend,” that the JBS was created by Nelson Rockefeller who appointed Robert C. Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to found and run the organization.[19]

When Revilo Oliver left the JBS, he became editorial advisor for Carto’s Institute for Historical Review. Carto ran a group called Youth for George Wallace to aid the third party presidential campaign of George Wallace in 1968. Wallace’s anti-desegregation campaign galvanized much of the American far-right and white supremacist groups. A memo in the FBI file of Eustace Mullins discusses an article he wrote which was published in Conde McGinley’s Common Sense, that developed the theme “that the Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation in schools is the culmination of a Communist International directive to the CPUSA to use the Negro racial issue and the issue of civil rights as a method to weaken America.” Mullins lied, claiming the document: “is in the files of the FBI today but the Director is under strict orders not to reveal (it) at any cost because it would brand the Supreme Court as a front or agent of the Communist International.”[20] No such document was ever found.

When the campaign failed, he converted what remained of the organization into the National Youth Alliance. As National Chairman for this group, Carto was successful in recruiting Dr. William Pierce, who after Rockwell’s death, reorganized it into the American neo-Nazi group, the National Alliance in 1974, of which Pierce became the leader.

In 1987, Mullins wrote a strange work called The Curse of Canaan, which regurgitates ideas expressed by Christian Identity minister William Potter Gale. Gale, a former senior officer on General Douglas MacArthur’s staff, warned the world that a satanic Jewish conspiracy disguised as communism was corrupting public officials and the courts, undermining the United States and wrecking its divinely inspired Constitution. Jews, explained Gale, were offspring of the devil, while non-whites were “mud people” and whites were the real Hebrews of the Bible. “Arise and fight!” Gale preached in an infamous sermon broadcast to Kansas farmers in 1982. “If a Jew comes near you, run a sword through him,” he summoned them. But, it turns out that Gale was descended on his father’s side from a long line of devout Jews, as explained Daniel Levitas.[21]

Mullins followed the course of history as a battle between the descendants of Shem against the descendants of Canaan. The descendants of Canaan are polluted through interbreeding with a “pre-Adamite” population, who are black-skinned, and with demons from the time of the Sons of God of Genesis. Throughout history they represented parasitical merchants, beginning with the Phoenicians and to the Black Nobility of our time. The descendants of Shem, or Semites, he believes, should not be confused with the Jews, who are impostors descended from Edomite Khazars. The descendants of Shem are the builders of civilization, and ancestors of the Irish. Thus, explains Mullins, “the history of mankind for the past three thousand years has been the history of struggle between the fair-skinned descendants of Shem and the darker-skinned descendants of his brother, Ham, yet you will not find this struggle defined in any historical work.”



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By far the most ridiculous article that I have ever read.

what a bunch of crap! First of all Robert Frost was NOT a protege of Mr Ezra Pound, it was James Joyce. Mr Pound was not only an incredible poet but also a courageous patriot who was silenced by being thrown into St Elizabeths Insane Asylum for warning Americans not to get into the war, secondly, Eustace Mullins exposed the corrupt government and the Zionist Jews, please stop lying and tell the people the truth, anytime you guys are exposed you wanna cry the same old worn out name "anti Semetic" shut your deceiving mouth and don't you ever put your dirty mouths on Pound or Mullins, they are the true heroes!

Cry "Anti-semitic"???

Yea, this article and author are a joke.  Mullins can not be "debunked"  truth does not lie.

Taylor Lei ,then you know nothing.

I've read Dying God and most of T & I at this point.  My question is if all of high level society has been controlled by the "Might Makes Right" crowd for an extended period of time, and you more or less seem to say that Satanists have ruled Europe in its entirety for 1500 years or close to it via the bloodlines, how is that any notion of good still exists?  If the evil ones have had the means for such a period of time and not acted with greater force to eliminate the good, what's restraining "the conspiracy" from acting?

thats a very good question. My oncle always says:  The evil people still dont understand that their issue is in vain.  they repeat their mistakes continously, which is the prove that God has plans also. And God is the best of planners.  I hope this answers to your good question bro.

You make a complete fool of yourself while believing the propaganda of ADL-agents like Ernie Lazar (family member of Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia for Chabad Lubavitch?). Do you seriously believe that if the FBI had a sodomy case against Eustace Mullins, that they would have dropped it that easily? If you really consider that to be truthful, think again and read Mullins' A Writ for Martyrs, or The Rape of Justice, to get an idea of what happened in Mullins' life after he dared publishing his (and Ezra Pound's) Federal Reserve book in 1952.

You love to make a "fascist" of Eustace Mullins, but you forget to mention that since the 1980s he warned his audiences that the Rothschilds (the leading power within the ruling Sabbatean-Frankist "Jewish" elite) not only created Monopoly Capitalism, Zionism and Communism, but also National Socialism (Nazism) and Fascism.   

Try to learn from Eustace Mullins instead of trying to make a criminal caricature out of him, which only shows that you don't know where you're talking about. Maybe start your debrainwash with this 17 p. interview with Eustace Mullins in The Spectrum, Volume 4, Number 3, of September 2002,



1.  I have no connection of any kind to ADL and I have never heard of Berel Lazar.   So that is your first fabrication.

2.  The FBI did not have "a sodomy case" against Eustace Mullins because sodomy was NOT even a federal crime falling under the jurisdiction of the FBI.  So that is your second absurdity and only reveals your profound ignorance.

3.  Mullin's autobiographical memoir (A Writ For Martyrs) is largely fictional.

4.  With respect to the sexuality of Mullins, there is considerable factual evidence which clearly establishes that he was gay.  You obviously have no respect for facts and I'm sure you have never done one second of independent historical research,.  Instead, you just mindlessly accept whatever Mullins wrote about himself -- which eliminates anything you have to say from serious consideration.

Now-- let's return briefly to the question of Mullin's sexuality.  Below I summarize just SOME of the available evidence.

According to Mullin's service records archived at National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Mullins was hospitalized twice while he served in the US Army Air Corps (September 11-17, 1943 and again from December 14, 1944 thru February 29, 1945). The US Army psychiatrists who examined Mullins made a diagnosis of constitution psychopathic state, inadequate personality, EPTI” [EPTI = existing prior to induction] and they stated that "Mullins also exhibited both psychopathic and neurotic trends, both due to the same dynamic latent homosexuality..." [See HQ 105-15727, serial #111 = section 4, pages 145-146 which is 1/28/59 summary memo from SAC St. Louis to SAC Chicago.]

John Kasper to Ezra Pound, 7/30/1952, page 5 [Kasper letters are in the Ezra Pound collection at Beinecke Library at Yale University.]

"Finally, I have always stood by Mullins for his many virtues. I have never condemned him as have others for being a notorious homosexual. I have seldom complained about anything he has done to me personally as I can understand (usually) some reason why he might do such a thing. However I was angry about the stupid remarks he made to Lyle Stuart editor of Expose in connection with yourself and Il Duce. They were stupid as stupid can be, ignorant, vulgar, and a hurt (I think) to yourself and himself." ...

I assume you know the definition of the word "notorious"  ??

Upon returning to New York from a trip to his hometown in Merchantville NJ, Kasper wrote to Ezra Pound that when Kasper arrived back at his apartment, he found that “Mull has moved a 17yo nazi in while I was gone” and “there ain’t room in here for 3, let alone 2…I had to move the Storm Trooper out.” 

John Kasper wrote to Ezra Pound circa March 1954 that Mull’s around.  We are very cordial but he’s becoming impossibly decadent with the 2, 5, and 7 fifteen-year-old boys he keeps around him.”  

In December 1955 letters to Gerald L.K. Smith, Mullins wrote that Elizabeth Dilling was the source for allegations circulating within the “patriot movement” that Mullins was “a notorious ex-convict convicted of many sex crimes against children.” [12/15/55 Mullins letter to GLKS.]

William B. Wernecke interviewed 02/10/59 by FBI re: Mullins whom he described as a homosexual… [HQ 105-15727, #95, page 14.]  Incidentally, Mullins lived on Wernecke's farm for some period of time.

With respect to Mullins, Wernecke told FBI that Mullins resided at 2239 N. Lincoln Ave – Chicago with Matt Koehl.  Mullins is a very intelligent individual but is inclined to be a 'sissy'.  Wernecke described Mullins as “a homosexual and as a quasi-blackmailer.  As an example, Wernecke cited that Mullins several years ago learned that a married man (name unknown) was guilty of extra-marital relations.  In order to obtain free board and room, Mullins moved into this man’s home and threatened to expose his extra-marital relations to his wife if he were not allowed to stay there.”  

According to Wernecke"Mullins formerly assisted Admiral Crommelin in his unsuccessful campaign for Governor.  Crommelin expelled Mullins from his campaign force because of Mullins’ homosexual tendencies.  [Chicago 65-582, #188, 2/27/59 Chicago Special Agent report, page 4.]

Fred Weiss “instructed Mana Truhill to gather all possible information regarding homosexuality among leaders in nationalist field such as Eustace Mullins, Edward Fleckenstein, Ray Foster and Keith Thompson… [HQ 105-15727, #95, page 8, which is 7/26/62 Correlation Summary – section 4, page 89; Originally in HQ 105-23413, #9, page 2]

Washington field office informant WF-T1 told FBI that on 2/26/59, he (informant)had conversation with George Lincoln Rockwell.  During that conversation, Rockwell “made a remark on 2/26/59 that Eustace Mullins is a homosexual.” [HQ 105-15727, #3 which is 3/20/59 report by WFO Special Agent Richard B. Lavin – in section 3, page 26 which originally appeared in WFO 62-8067.]

G-2, 5th Army HQ in Chicago also received report from one of their informants on 7/10/56 that …Mullins is a homosexual… [HQ 105-15727, #unrecorded, page 3; SAC Chicago to J. Edgar Hoover; section 2, page 14; Original report in Chicago 105-1152]

Another Chicago informant told FBI in July 1956 that Eustace Mullins left New York City during July 1956 to be near Matthias Koehl. Koehl and Mullins previously resided together in New York City and both were believed to be homosexuals. [HQ 105-15727, #23, page 6 which is 1/19/59 report by Chicago Special Agent re info provided by informant CG-T3 on 07/17/56.]

When 16-year-old William Suther was interviewed by Sgt. Fred Jackson, Juvenile Officer of Melrose, IL Police Department, Suther told Jackson that Mullins was a homosexual. Sgt. Jackson described Suther as being “effeminate in manner and speech”  Note: George Lincoln Rockwell told FBI that William Suther was Mullins’ “girlfriend. [HQ 105-15727, #53, which is 6/5/59 SAC WFO to J. Edgar Hoover; section 3, page 106. Suther accompanied Mullins on a trip to New York City in May 1959.]

Fred Weiss interviewed on June 5, 1959 and he advised that Mullins arrived at Weiss’s farm in Middleton NY several weeks ago on a Friday evening” and “was accompanied by boy about 18 years of age whose name Weiss could not recall.” [SAC NYC teletype to J. Edgar Hoover, HQ 105-15727, #52, = sections 3, page 104; Original is NYC 100-112532, #19, 6/5/59 teletype from SAC NYC to Hoover]


You say David made a complete fool of himself and the you go an dpost links from a webite full of so-called chnnelled information from the "pleiades".  Funny.

You focussed on one tiny detail and try to debunk it, but ignore the whole slew of other evidence. How about Mullins' association with Pound, or with the National Rennaissance Party?  Mullins laid bare his worldview in his book the Biological Jew.  Have you read it?  He is not an "anti-semite"?

Whether Mullins is a homosexual or not is besides the point.  He was a fascist, as per his associations that David meticulously pointed out.  Don't shoot the messenger and you have zero credibility posting informaton from sources that claim aliens are coming to transform humanity based on Channelled information from God knows what.  Is that would you call reliable sources? You're funny.

     Eustace  Mullins  was a phenomenal  researcher  from  what I have  read  of  his  works, he  was definitely a conservative  christian  and did not  apologize  for giving  his interpretation  of  events  from  a  christian  perpesctive,yet  I  have  always  found  his  research  fascinating, his investigations to  be  inpeccable  and  his reseach on the  Jews  to  be some  of  the  best work on  the  subject, and  considering that  most  of  our  history  comes  from  the  pen  of  historians  who write  from  their  own perspective  he  is  no  different,

    I  do  find your remarks  about   Mullins  being  homosexual,  based  on  the  reports  of  the  FBI, who  are  nothing  more than criminals  and  gangstalkers when  it  come  to  their  treatment  of dissidents to  be  absurd, nor  do I  find  your  remarks  about  him  being  associated with Neo-Nazi  groups  believable,

your  article  makes  me  wonder just  who  is  paying  your  salary,which I  hope  to  discover after  more  research,



You could not be more mistaken when you claim that the assertions regarding Mullin's homosexuality are based upon reports of the FBI.  The reports in the FBI file about Mulllin's sexuality originate from his military service records which are archived at the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis.  In addition, the other reports re: Mullins being a homosexual which appear in FBI files, come from interviews of friends and associates of Mullins who were interviewed by the FBI -- including George Lincoln Rockwell and Ed Fleckenstein and William Wernecke.

However, INDEPENDENT of what appears in FBI files, there is correspondence about Mullins which can be found in the private papers of many white nationalists who were friends and associates of Mullins -- including some of his former roommates.  See my previous message in this thread which presents just some of that evidence -- including a letter by John Kasper -- who was a roommate with Mullins in New York City and another acolyte of Ezra Pound.

BY CONTRAST:   What research have YOU done to support your claims?

More details are in the newly revised edition of my Mullins report:

I usually like your articles, but this one couldn't be more biased.

Mullins is a sacred cow of conspiracy culture. You don't need to revere him like a saint in order to take from him the good inforation he has shared. But be careful. This is an other example of the Noble Lie. Just because he is sometimes right, doesn't mean he's always right.

Don't base the validity of information on the personality of the communicator. Learn to trust only in yourself, and guard against the manipulation of information packaged in order to steer you in a certain direction. It's the sugar coating of the poison pill.

enlightenedTo read the details in my daily life, there are two sentences in this article that i can use as glasses for nearsightedness.

  1. Jay Lovestone, a former head of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), later a trade union leader, worked with foreign unions using covert funds to construct a worldwide system of anti-communist unions.
  2. Francis Parker Yockey spent the rest of his life attempting to forge an alliance between the worldwide forces of Communism and the international network of the extreme Right.

Conclusion: In my opinion this article is an eye opener.

I love and admire Eustace Mullins, his books expose a wealth of information about the real enemy, Zionist Jews who in their own words (The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion) will deceive, manipulate, bribe, mind control their way into the NWO, they call themselves parasites so don't get the story twisted, be honest and stop trying to discredit this patriotic truth teller, thank you oh and btw let's tell every truth seeker to listen to Harold Rosenthals interview as well. It's confirmation of exactly what Mr Mullins has written about

The Pied Piper plays a tune that the rats love to hear.

Mullns' associations don't mean that a lot of what he said isn't true. In fact, how else could he lure people to his agenda if a lot of it wasn't true? He may even have been sincere. But despite the quality of some of his information, he was duped into a white supremacist interpreation which originates in the Kabbalah, whether he knew it or not. So one way or the other, he was serving a Zionist agenda.

Stop looking for a hero. Rely on yourself. There is no fault with you to take what is good from Mullins and reject the rest. Don't look for a man to have all the answers. Take information where you can find it, and remember that every man is only human and subject to faults.

Mullins' descriptions of his life-long political beliefs and associations are often complete fabrications calculated to present himself and his activities (and those of his closest friends and associates) in a highly favorable manner but his descriptions are indisputably false.  

In short, Mullins deliberately lied in order to manipulate his readers into accepting whatever he wanted them to believe

Consequently, one has to ask the obvious question:  

If a person can so blatantly lie about himself and his friends and his life-long beliefs and associations --- then why should we believe that he is capable of performing intellectually honest, accurate, and fair historical research or writing?

I read Mullins' Secrets of the Federal Reserve and found it be revealing and instructive. But when I read his book, 'The Curse of Canaan' I was appalled by the downright heresy in the book. As far as I am concerned he was not a conservative Christian but rather a false prophet. How Christians need discernment today to sift truth from error!

If you had done your research you would have known he almost got married and you enjoy calling him a homosexual to try to put him in a bad light but you failed at that too. I feel sorry for you that you spread lies but true Americans know the truth about this incredible Saint, God help you

1.  What is your evidence that Mullins "almost got married" ??  BE SPECIFIC

2.  One of Mullin's associates who helped arrange his book-signing tours around the country sent me an email stating

"...ask anyone who knew him and you'll find out"  that Mullins "Had a very low opinion of women."

3.  Apparently, YOU think acknowledging that Mullins was a homosexual (as his friends did) diminishes him in some materially important way.  Perhaps you should investigate your own personal biases and prejudices so that you can eliminate your homophobic attitudes.

I have a copy of the license, you can get one yourself, just go on

The Lord God has called it an abomination, an abomination is a thing that causes disgust or hatred. I don't have to defend myself, but I will defend my Lord, he said is sin, so don't get it confused, I love gays, I love muslims, I love everyone except those who defend perversion and harming children and animals so please do not call me homophobic, nothing could be farther from the truth. If you are gay, your sinning, sinning keeps you separated from God, that's all. God Bless and read the canon! It's good stuff!

Thanks! i am very pleased to have found your site and your books. I also feel people are just people and we all should learn to trust ourselves. Apparently your Eustace Mullins article has hit some button to those who need to follow someone elses thought. It is obvious there is much truth in his books but there s some stench to them i think to discredit the thruth he mentions and in my opinion it is not accident and he probably willingly colaborated with that project. Please read this very refreshing article and site


What is far right ? Neoliberls or something else

Black Muslim "David Livingstone" joined ADL-agent Ernie Lazar (family of Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia for Chabad Lubavitch ?) in Ernie's smear campaign against the late Eustace Mullins, who apparently 7 years after he passed away is still of tremendous danger to the Canaanites... :-)

Was "Livingstone" offended because of what Eustace found out and published in The Curse of Canaan (1987) about the dark skinned lady Naamah, decendant of Cain and his pre-Adamite wife? Naamah was the second wife of Noah, and against God's Will on Noah's Ark she had intercourse with Noahs son Ham. Result: a black son Cush, who became the father of Nimrod. Another son of Naamah and Ham was Canaan, who became patriarch of the Canaanites. 

Eustace Mullins in "The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology of History":

"In order to understand why the name of Shem was systematically reviled and concealed
throughout the records of history, we must return to the record of his thoroughly degenerate and
evil nephew, Canaan. Canaan was so wicked that his last will and testament to his children was a
formula for vice. It read, "Love one another (that is, of this tribe only), love robbery, love
lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth." This remarkable document, the Will of
Canaan, is to be found in only one place in all the world's theological literature, the Babylonian
Talmud, where it is presented thusly, "Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another,
love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth." Pes. 113b.

 The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites prescription for all of their operations during the
ensuing three thousand years. Meanwhile, the people of Shem, knowing nothing of this
document, vainly tried to "convert" the Canaanites, and turn them from their evil ways. If the
descendants of Shem had been warned of the precepts imparted by this document, the history of
the last three thousand years could have been very different. The Will of Canaan today remains
the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At the
same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave,
and massacre. The Will of Canaan contains the instructions necessary to resist the results of the
Curse of Canaan, which condemn them to slavery. The instructions to "hate your masters," that
is, Shem and Japheth and their descendants, is a command to commit genocide against the
people of Shem. For this reason, all subsequent Canaanite rites are based upon these
exhortations to struggle and commit acts of violence against the people of Shem. It is not only
the basis for all of the revolutions and "liberation movements" since that time, it is also a basic
incitement to commit genocide and to carryon racial wars. Because of the three-thousand-year
historical blackout, the people of Shem have never understood their peril, and they have
frequently been subject to massacre because their essential goodness made it impossible for
them to believe the vileness of the Canaanites. The Will of Canaan has always been concealed
from them because it is the basic program of conspiracy and secret rites which enable the
Canaanites to wreak their hatred upon the descendants of Shem."  

Eustace Mullins has foretold the future , better listen and take appropriate action, we are headed for Big Trouble.Even the Shills that try to denigrate him will suffer just the same except for a very few, and you ain't one of them.


Let him speak for himself.

This is the type of thing Eustace warned us about.

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