Uighur Nationalism, Turkey and the CIA

Much was made in the news, earlier this month, of the series of violent clashes that erupted between Uighurs, a Turkic, and predominantly Muslim, minority ethnic group in China, and the Chinese state police, and Han Chinese residents in the the province of Xinjiang, in northwestern China.

But the media’s recent attention to the matter should be seen in light of a larger geo-political strategy, involving Turkey and the CIA, in ongoing furtherance of The Bernard Lewis Plan. Originally implemented under the supervision of Zbigniew Brzezinski during the Carter administration, the plan was based on Lewis’ idea of an “Arc of Crisis”, created around the southern borders of Soviet Union, by empowering Muslim radicals to rebel against the communists, to bring about the fall of the Soviet Empire. The key aspect of this strategy, over the last 30 years, as revealed in the book and movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, began with support for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, which became the CIA’s largest covert operation ever.

As outlined in Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard, control over central Asia, which in addition to Afghanistan, comprises the five former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, is a key factor in mastery of all of Eurasia, and thereby, the world.

Because, as is popularly known, Central Asia holds vast stores of energy resources. Less known, however, is it’s role in the drug trade. Since the implementation of Bernard Lewis’ Plan, and the US’ involvement in Afghanistan, the country now accounts for almost 95% of the world’s opium production. And it is profits arising mostly from this illicit trade that go largely to financing the deliberate spread of a fabricated brand of Islamic fundamentalism.

As mentioned by noted whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, “You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one.”1

Despite years of her testimony being suppressed by the State Secrets Privilege, it is her revelations, discovered in the course of her work for the FBI, that now help explain the significance of the immigration case against Turkish religious leader, Fethullah Gülen, living in self-imposed exile in the Pennsylvania, and explodes this entire complex of American foreign policy in the Middle East and Central Asia, and it’s broader implications for the Islamic world.

Fethullah Gülen, while also leading the movement behind Turkey’s current Islamic renaissance, is one of the key operatives who have been fronting for the CIA in the radicalization of Central Asia, involving drug trafficking, money laundering, and the nuclear black market, and false-flag terrorism.

A number of sources reveal that the Gulen organization has been used as a tool for the Special Operations Department of the Turkish police force, which evolved from the Counter-Guerrilla, the Turkish branch of Operation Gladio.2 Operation Gladio was a clandestine initiative backed by the United States, which after WWII employed former SS to create “stay-behind” anti-communist. It was responsible for the infamous “Strategy of Tension” in Italy during the 70’s, which used false-flag terror operations, like that of the Red Brigade, to destabilize the country.3

In Turkey, there is a popular belief that the Counter-Guerrilla are responsible for numerous unsolved acts of violence, and have exerted great influence over the country’s Cold War history, most notably for engendering the military coups of 1971, and 1980.4

Among the documents that the attorneys for the State Department presented, in favor of rejecting Gulen’s application for a permanent visa, there are claims about the Gülen movement's financial structure, it being emphasized that the it’s economic power reached $25 billion. The lawyers state:

Because of the large amount of money that Gülen's movement uses to finance his projects, there are claims that he has secret agreements with Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkic governments. There are suspicions that the CIA is a co-payer in financing these projects.5

Most incriminating is the list of references that Gulen provided in an apparent effort to bolster his application, namely George Fidas, Graham Fuller, and Morton Abramowitz.

Graham Fuller happens to be listed as one of the American Deep State rogues on Sibel Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege Gallery. Graham E. Fuller is an American author and political analyst, specializing in “Islamic extremism”. Formerly vice-chair of the National Intelligence Council, he also served as Station Chief in Kabul for the CIA. A “think piece” that Fuller wrote for the CIA was identified as instrumental in leading to the Iran-contra affair.6 The Iran-Contra affair was that network of activity whereby Israel sold weapons to Iran on behalf of the Americans, to fund the Contras, and then where a large-scale drug-smuggling operation, involving cocaine from Nicaragua, was used to fund the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.7

George Fidas worked thirty-one years for the CIA, while Morton Abramowitz was also deeply involved with Afghan Mujahideen and Kosovo rebels. Abramowitz was succeeded by Marc Grossman as ambassador in Turkey, after working under him in Ankara for a number of years. During that period, the US opened an espionage investigation into activities at the embassy involving Major Douglas Dickerson, a weapons procurement specialist for Central Asia. Dickerson and his wife, an FBI translator, later became famous when they tried to recruit Sibel to spy for this criminal network. Grossman is currently receiving $1.2 million per annum from Ihlas Holding, a Gulen-linked Turkish conglomerate.8

With regards to the separatist moves over Xinjiang, according to TurkPulse: “One of the main tools Washington is using in this affair in order to get Turkey involved in the Xinjiang affair is some Turkish Americans, primarily the Fetullah Gulen.”9

Another Turk used in this affair is Enver Yusuf Turani, also featured in Sibel’s Gallery, who is Prime Minister of Xinjiang, with the US being the only country to recognize it as “East Turkistan”. East Turkistan is the home of the “Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement,” a UN-nominated terrorist organization “funded mainly by Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network and received training, support and personnel from both the al-Qaeda and the Taliban regime of Afghanistan.”10 The Uighurs constitute as many as 22, of the Guantanamo Bay detainees. Five of those have been set free, and were eventually sent to Albania, amid much controversy.

In fact, Abramowitz and Fuller were key players in the establishment of ‘East Turkistan,’ “proclaiming the government in exile within 4-5 months, starting in May (2004) and completing the proclamation in mid-September. The ceremony was held at Capitol Hill under American flags in Washington.”11

The FSB, the Russian intelligence organization formerly called the KGB, has repeatedly taken action against the Gulen movement for acting as a front organization for the CIA. The FSB has claimed that the ‘Nurcus’ religious brotherhood in Turkey has engaged in espionage on behalf of the CIA, through the companies connected with Fethullah Gulen. Russia has banned all of Gulen’s madrassas, and in April of this year, banned the Nurcu Movement completely.12

The Gulen Movement founded madrassas all over the world in the 1990’s, most of them in the newly independent Turkic republics of Central Asia, including Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. The madrassas, says one writer named Lukery, “appear to be used as a front for enabling CIA and State Department officials to operate undercover in the region, with many of the teachers operating under diplomatic passports.”13

Lukery called Sibel Edmonds to ask her to comment on the latest revelations. She said, in full:

You’ve got to look at the big picture. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the super powers began to fight over control of Central Asia, particularly the oil and gas wealth, as well as the strategic value of the region.

Given the history, and the distrust of the West, the US realized that it couldn’t get direct control, and therefore would need to use a proxy to gain control quickly and effectively. Turkey was the perfect proxy; a NATO ally and a puppet regime. Turkey shares the same heritage/race as the entire population of Central Asia, the same language (Turkic), the same religion (Sunni Islam), and of course, the strategic location and proximity.

This started more than a decade-long illegal, covert operation in Central Asia by a small group in the US intent on furthering the oil industry and the Military Industrial Complex, using Turkish operatives, Saudi partners and Pakistani allies, furthering this objective in the name of Islam.

This is why I have been saying repeatedly that these illegal covert operations by the Turks and certain US persons dates back to 1996, and involves terrorist activities, narcotics, weapons smuggling and money laundering, converging around the same operations and involving the same actors.

And I want to emphasize that this is “illegal” because most, if not all, of the funding for these operations is not congressionally approved funding, but it comes from illegal activities.

And one last thing, take a look at the people in the State Secrets Privilege Gallery on my website and you will see how these individuals can be traced to the following; Turkey, Central Asia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia - and the activities involving these countries.


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It’s interesting to note that another popular Muslim writer, Adnan Oktar, aka Harun Yahya, endorses Fethullah Gulen, and shares with him some incriminating interests, primarly an admiration for Said Nursi Beddiuzaman, a 20th century Turkish dissident and Sufi.  That admiration is detailed a book called The School of Yusuf.

Here's how one writer explains the significance of Nursi:

"When Gülen’s name is mentioned, the first thing that comes to the mind of his students is Said Nursi, known by the Kurds known as Saidi Keri. But Said Nursi is a vehicle used to recruit Muslim people to his community, his cemaat. His leaders use Said Nursi as a mask. First his students read and study the Risale-i-Nur, Said Nursi’s books, but then little by little they introduce the students to Fethullah Gülen, an idol replacing Said Nursi in reverence and in commitment to his writings."

Here's what Harun Yahya confinded about Gulen in an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur:

"I am very fond of Fettullah Gülen. He is also a student of the Light. He also reads Said Nursi’s books. He is a democrat, very moderate and loving. Yes, I admire his ideas, I regard Fettullah Gülen’s thoughts and ideas, his conception of humanity, his conception of democracy, and his embracing and affection toward all humanity as very excellent."

Yahya also admits in the interview to have been committed to a mental asylum in 1986.  He dismisses the incarceration as persecution for this ideas, though we have to wonder at the soundness of his mental health when he boasgts that his books were responsible for the collapse of the theory of Darwinism in Europe.  He says, "I have brought freedom to France.  I have enabled them to think freely. I showed them that Darwinism was a hoax, a fraud." (Le Nouvel Observateur)

As for his Sufi views, he has written a book titled, Matter: The Other Name for Illusion, which provides this summary: "All events and objects that we encounter in real life—buildings, people, cities, cars, places—in fact, everything we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear—come into existence as visions and feelings in our brains".  His ideas are also characterized as pantheism, a tenet that is common not only to Sufis, but most pagan and occult doctrines, including the Kabbalah.

There's more.  Yahya and his spokespersons will always claim that the accusations are fabricated, but that would appear unlikely.  Here is full breakdown available on Wikipedia:

Legal issues, arrest, trial, and sentencing

Over the last twenty years Oktar has had several issues with law enforcement. In 1991, Oktar was arrested for possession of cocaine, which he claimed security agents planted in his food.[53] He was later acquitted.[53] In September 1999 Adnan Oktar was arrested following multiple scandals and further allegations that were fully covered by the Turkish media.[65][66] In that court case, Oktar was charged with using threats for personal benefit and creating an organization with the intent to commit a crime.[67] One complainant was Ebru Simsek, a fashion model, who was blackmailed[53][68], and then slandered as a "prostitute" in fax messages sent to hundreds of different newspapers, TV channels, major business companies, foreign consulates and government offices for refusing to have sex with Oktar. The judicial process lasted over two years, during which most of the complainants retracted their claims, reportedly because of threats or bribes from SRF members. As a result, cases against Oktar and other SRF members were dismissed, with only two members receiving jail sentences for 1 year each.[30][69]

A 2008 indictment from the prosecutor’s office, cited by the daily Cumhuriyet, said Oktar's organisation used its female members to attract young scholars from rich families with the promise of sex in exchange for attending events.[70] According to the indictment, one of the victims had to sleep with 16 men, which was recorded with hidden cameras and the tapes were given to Oktar.[70] The girls who want to leave the group are threatened that the tapes will be made public.[70]

Amidst ambiguous circumstances, all charges were dropped by that court, only to be picked up by another court eight years later. In 2008 Oktar was convicted of a variety of crimes, including the making of criminal threats.[59][67][71] In May 2008 Oktar and 17 other members of his organisation were sentenced to three years in prison.[67] Oktar is appealing the convictions.[72]


Hi David,

Another terrific article and one which puts whats happening in Central Asia into perspective in a very understandable manner.

Furthermore, I found your remarks regarding `Harun Yahya` quite illuminating (in a non Illuminati way of course). I have read some of his work and seen some DVD's of his.

I was not aware that he was a propagator of what has come to be known recently as `The Law Of Attraction` spuriously derived from Quantum Mechanics. I wrote and article about this not so long ago which can be read here : http://www.rense.com/general85/jones.htm

This idea is now being marketed big time through films such as `The Secret` and `The World Is In Your Head, ` and is 100% occult.

If this is what Yahya is really about, then he is misleading Muslims here in Europe on a major scale, as he is very popular here.

Anyway, thanks for another immensely important article, and as always, you have my respect.  

Dear Mr. DL,

Splendid article, but believe me M. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) is not involved in any of the vile activities you mentioned above. He is a very pious and noble man and many members of our thinktank here in Pakistan have personally met him in Turkey. U should know that the Masonic forces especially the Doenmehs of Turkey and those in the Turkish Parliament have been trying their level best to conspire against Harun Yahya for a long time because he has written several books against Freemasonry and exposing the Doenmehs. Furthermore, he broadcast his blood report online from Scotland Yard medical labs and those in Austria in which it was clearly mentioned he had been induced with mind altering drugs, he didn't take them himself.

Please rethink on Harun Yahya.

No need to rethink. He's NOT "a very pious and noble man". Here's the proof, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obeq-THCoUo . Just look at how he's dressed, so UGLY. source: http://alperenturk.blogspot.com/2012/02/what-fuck-adnan.html

gulen movement is sponsored by cia. it has nothing to do with turkish deep state. in fact gulen is claimed to be a homosexual. their aim is to bring a puppet regime in eurasia. and of course the usa will be the puppeteer. but they will fail.

What is wrong with being homosexual? You are homophobic or what? You are claimed to be homosexual, but people are fine with it:)

Do you remembers Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot's people? To races of people whipped out for it that I know of so that means it is bad. Because God says it is bad. If you don't believe God that makes you a disbeliever. Only satan say you are allowed to chose what is right and wrong. God gave us the choice to chose who we believe. If you believe anyone but God is right then you have no protecting friend. Don't believe the lies that it is all about excepting people for who they are. Sin is Sin no matter how nice the person seems and that does not mean you have to kill them but you can not condone it. Don't you see that this is what is causing all the problems in the world?

Peace and Blessings

Dear David,
As an academic in the USA, I can tell you that this article is full of errors. Let me correct some of them.

1- You always cite some Turkish news outlets such as Hürriyet and Ulusal Kanal to back up your claims about Fethullah Gulen. These new outlets you are citing do benefit from status quo in Turkey and are open enemies of reformist Fethullah Gulen. What I mean is that citing statements of Adolf Hitler to to back up claims against existence of Holocaust could be a better way of writing an article.

2-You say "madrassa" all the time. Madrasah means a religious school. And all schools' curriculum is under the control of Turkish Ministry of Educations. Madrassas were banned in Turkey 85 years ego.

3- You say "... $1.2 million per annum from Ihlas Holding, a Gulen-linked Turkish conglomerate".

Even a Turkish kid on the street of Istanbul could have told you that Ihlas Holding and Gulen movement have no link what so ever. Even a person who is against Gulen movement could have told you these two groups have no link what so ever.

4- You claim" it’s economic power reached $25 billion". Let say it is true, though you do not give any source for your claim. So what? Can you provide any evidence that the money comes from illegal sources or given by CIA. No? All you do is to cite some "suspicions" and "claims" of others. What is this? A joke?

I can continue more but I don't think it is needed. I feel sorry about the time I spent reading this article!


Dear David,
As an academic in the USA, I can tell you that this article is full of errors. Let me correct some of them.

1- You always cite some Turkish news outlets such as Hürriyet and Ulusal Kanal to back up your claims about Fethullah Gulen. These new outlets you are citing do benefit from status quo in Turkey and are open enemies of reformist Fethullah Gulen. What I mean is that citing statements of Adolf Hitler to to back up claims against existence of Holocaust could be a better way of writing an article.

2-You say "madrassa" all the time. Madrasah means a religious school. And all schools' curriculum is under the control of Turkish Ministry of Educations. Madrassas were banned in Turkey 85 years ego.

3- You say "... $1.2 million per annum from Ihlas Holding, a Gulen-linked Turkish conglomerate".

Even a Turkish kid on the street of Istanbul could have told you that Ihlas Holding and Gulen movement have no link what so ever. Even a person who is against Gulen movement could have told you these two groups have no link what so ever.

4- You claim" it’s economic power reached $25 billion". Let say it is true, though you do not give any source for your claim. So what? Can you provide any evidence that the money comes from illegal sources or given by CIA. No? All you do is to cite some "suspicions" and "claims" of others. What is this? A joke?

I can continue more but I don't think it is needed.


Dear Mr Villa,

I read with interest your comments regarding David's excellent and highly informative article.

You ask for his references; Please provide yours.

You state you are an Academic!

In my experience, few are as flawed in their understanding of the Historical and the Geopolitical circumstances currently prevailing, which threaten to embroil us in another Global war.

Academics are specialists and specialists are those who learn more and more about less and less. Few in my experience can ever see the bigger picture.

I have read Mr Livingstone's Book three times, and gleened much valuable information from it. Considering he had to research, write, proof read, edit and publish the thing himself, it is a work of wonder. Yes there is the odd spelling mistake, or grammatical error, or even a fact or two which is not quite correct. But I have found David very receptive to being informed as such, grateful even.

So please consider that you are deconstructing the work of a fine historian, researcher and writer, who is bravely sticking his `neck out,` in an area of investigative writing, which can, as Fritz Springmeier and others have discovered, be dangerous in the extreme.

Therefore, in the interests of fair play, please present your case in a less condescending manner, and provide, for all to see your credentials, along with a documentary record of your own work.

Yours faithfully,

Philip Jones

PS. And I would respectfully suggest you get someone to `proof read` your comments in future. I doubt you are an English Language `Academic.`

What exactly does Mr. Livingstone believe in regards to Adnan Oktar, and is he not a sound writer and personality?

He does use ahadeeth to back up everything and is fervently against the freemasons, zionists, and humanist movements.

Is he not a Sayyid?

Are his works advisable to read, or not?

Lastly, has anyone read anything from his site regarding the coming of the Mahdi, the Great Reformer and Imam?

The Qur'an says:

"And among mankind there is he whose talk about the life of this world will impress you, and he calls God as a witness to what is in his heart. Yet, he is the most stringent of opponents." (Chapter 2: 204)

I am not judging Oktar. God knows best. Some things he says are good. Other things are outright strange. We don't need to decide whether he is good or not. We should accept what he says that is good, and reject what is not.

With all due respect brother I must say that, your logic is flawed. Are we not taught not to trust the disbelievers? A common form of propaganda is to mix truth with lies. When you present truths that the person agrees with they make a judgement that the speaker is truthful. Later the speaker can introduce lies which are also excepted without thought. Simply reading things that have lies can be dangerous because they can plant seeds that grow into memories without knowing their source. If we brake down your logic (which is common) and replace this person with someone who we know is evil for example satan the "great deceiver" who we are always warned about that he is an open enemy to us all. Would your statement still be true "Some things he says are good. Other things are outright strange. We don't need to decide whether he is good or not. We should accept what he says that is good, and reject what is not."? Of course not. So do you see the flaw in your logic? It is our place to decide whether he is good or not. Especially if his claim is one of a spiritual leader. If what he says is not good, any of it. Then we should turn away from it until he has repented. We have the Quran as the only safe word of God and all the truth we need is in there. Through Prayer and reading of the Quran God will teach us. And if you are ever in doubt about a teacher other than Allah then you must turn away and only go back if Allah guides you.

There are many very bad things about this man if you look him up online and and really do your research you will see that this man could be far more dangerous than he looks. This for example http://wellaware1.com/cointelpro/cliff%20lowpriest/kenny.jpg Only God knows for sure but is it worth your soul to follow any man when you have the Quran and God as a teacher? I hope I have not offended you as it really was not my intention, this just comes from one who was lead far astray for several years by teachers who looked like they were good people. But if they are Teaching you other than the Quran then you are at risk. I only say the Quran because the Bible is highly corrupted while the Quran was protected and the Bible is not a Holy book it is basically a bunch of Hadiths compiled over 400 years after Isa (son of Mary) PBUH. The Quran was compiled into one book in 20 years after the Prophets death and confirmed by people who actually were close with the Prophet. It was memorizied by people who heard it straight from the prophet and were still alive and the Quran is protected and God is never wrong. And no human today could write the Quran, even using the best computers. But the Bible in some place says Jesus is God and other he is the Son and in others he speaks to God our father. It is through out the whole book. One book is written about Jesus (PBUH) by someone who never knew him and was against him when he was here. Would you trust a mans enemy as a valid voice for someone after their death in any other case of course you would not. It is sad to see such teaching lost but you have to look at who compiled the Bible and what they have done up until now. The Catholic Church is not a Church of God. So while I grew up Christian it was those teachings that allowed me to go astray and by the Grace of Allah he brought me the Quran and I wish that everyone on earth would just read it once with an open mind and not listen to all the lies made up about it. When I read the Quran it was not my Intention to change religion it was only to find out what Muslims believed and if it had not been for that I assuredly would have been lost. I don't think that Christians are bad or not Gods people I mean they really do believe what they believe. I know I did since I was a child and in Christianity I was taught to never question but just have faith. But the Quran is very different. It is the most beautiful book ever written a living Miracle. And for those Christians that Believe that Jesus is God or his son why does the Lords prays say "Our father who art in heaven" And if Jesus was God and was dead for 3 days the why did the universe not fall apart in utter chaos and who was it that brought him back to life if that story is true? Jesus (PBUH) is a prophet with a unique creation like Adam in that he was create in his Mother with out a father. Adam had neither father nor mother. But neither are the Sons of God. God is one, he has no partner and he has no son or daughter. The whole purpose of them creating these stories it to turn the Christians into polytheists which would send them to hell which is satans plan for all mankind. When they call out to anyone other than God they can not be help but they have be trained to call out to Jesus and they have been taught that the 10 commandments are not that serious that Jesus died for us so it is not that big of a deal if we brake them. We should try not to but if we do no big deal we can just ask for forgiveness and do it over and over. It is insane. They teach you that if you don't believe Jesus (PBUH) is God and the son of God who dies for our sins then you will go to hell which leaves them trapped and afraid and most of them have never read their Bibles other than pieces of it they just trust what others say that it says and that is truly dangerous. Satan does not care what you believe in as long as you don't worship God alone. All these other things like "The Secret", New age religions and occult are all designed to do the same thing. To take the Lost and take the further away.

As far as the Mahdi and Hadiths that teach other than what the Quran says, do you not trust that God knows and has always known everything that was going to happen? Would he not put these things in the Quran if they were true. Wouldn't the story of the Mahdi if true be very important? Then why was there not a Surah written about it. And please don't tell me of things that people say hint about it. Where is his name? Where is the story of him?

There is so much evil in the world today Brothers and Sisters you need to seek refuge in God and pray that he guides you to the truth and protects you from deception because he is your only protecting friend and your immortal soul is on the line. In other words, where you will spend your eternity? My prayer is for all believers to find the truth and that God protects you for being lead astray. We read the Quran, Fast, Make Hajji, Pray, pay the poor due and worship not for Gods benefit but for our own. These things bring us closer to him and further from harm as God is our only protecting friend.

Peace and Blessings

I see you quote the state run Chinese news agency, China Daily, for your links between Uighurs and Al Queda. I've lived in China for 7 years and know many Uighurs, they have a host of legitimate grievances living under a totalitarian government that seeks to marginalize their culture. Quoting from said totalitarian authority's propaganda arm is not only a massive disservice to a culture that endures forced relocation and economic and political disenfranchisement, but also puts the veracity of this entire article in serious question. Would you quote the S.S. to defend holocaust deniers as well? Your reliance on state run propaganda agencies for "factual" information is highly disappointing.

Thanks for your response Stephan. It's true that a Chinese source, with regards to any links between Uighur terrorists and al Qaeda, should be considered with some suspicion.  First of all, this one reference is not the basis of the claims of the article. Nevertheless, while it is suspect, it is likely true.

Consider the most recent revelation by Sibel Edmonds, which claims that bin Laden worked for the US right up until 9/11, using him for 'operations' in Central Asia, including Xinjiang, China.

Eric Margolis, an excellent reporter with particular knowledge on matters of Central Asia, stated that the Uighurs in the training camps in Afghanistan up to 2001:

"were being trained by Bin Laden to go and fight the communist Chinese in Xinjiang, and this was not only with the knowledge, but with the support of the CIA, because they thought they might use them if war ever broke out with China."

I'm certainly not denying that the Uighurs likely have legitimate greivances against the Chinese goverment. On the contrary, I expect they do.  As do so many people in the world, who are used as paws in the Great Game.  They have the misfortune of being situated in a border region between super-powers, and where struggles for dominance will inevitably take place.  A struggle, in this case, between two powers, neither of which seems to have much regard for the common person.

What is Adnan Oktar's part in all of this? Is it that he's turning the muslims into something like the evangelical christians? That muslims become one sided when the quran teaches that they be a middle nation keeping an eye on every other nation?

It might be helpful to understand Oktar's most recent pronouncements in light of Pan-Turkism, which is a hidden agenda to use Turkish nationalism as a bulwark against China and Russia. It is disguised with Islamic rhetoric, to present it as a renewed Caliphate, reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire.

As Salamu alaykum.

David, Looks like you were more right than most commenters gave you credit for being:



These are links to the transcript of Sibel Edmonds deposition, which was finally disclosed, along with an article summarizing some of the information in it. The article also has links to 4 or 5 hours of video of the depostion as it was being taken. Some of the names named as part of the broad criminal conspiracy including several US congressmen; Grossman, the former US ambassador to Turkey, parts of the Turkish government, and so on.

You were right as rain, bro'. Right on.

Ramadan Karim.

Thanks for that.  I just embedded the 5 videos of her testimony here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


I am sorry i read this article...What a shame for this web site...You are publishing lies of lies of lies..

I read comments here and see that most are based on baseless rumors and opinions.. Make some research on Fethullah Gulen first before jumping to conclusions.

A few websites to get more info - http://www.guleninstitute.org

Article appeared in New York Times - http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/18/world/europe/18iht-19oxan-Turkishpreac...

As a Turk I want to congratulate the author for a precise and indebt research and presentation of the Gulen movement in my country Turkiye and other Turkish countries in eurasia. Naive muslims are been played by this ideologially driven movement which is basically an organization and web of people used by and for the masonic ambitions.

Pls listen to the information at the below link to better undersant how the muslim people, incuding my Turkish bretheren are played with:

True Islam, as conveyed by Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed (peace be upon them) is out there for the sincere.


May The God guide us into wisdom and truth, ameen.

Hilarious - thanks for a great giggle, shame about the reality-break but you can't have everything.

Oh boy, apparently some Oktar fanatics and CIA puppet Fethullah's followers (David Villa acting as an academic with very basic grammar errors probably a Turkish tool living in the U.S.) came upon to spread their typical misinformation-disinformation tactics.

Shame this CIA puppet (Fethullah) still manages to fool many honest people and weaken the secular foundations of modern Turkish republic via 'so called moderately islamic' AKP party and of course via CIA and other western regimes.

Great job, Mr. Livingstone.

Check out the below article that clearly shows how these guys lie about the facts and manipulate the facts.


Those of you, who are really looking forward to learn the facts about Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement can visit the following links to get accurate information.
Fethullah Gulen Movement
Fethullah Gulen

Dear David,

Thank you very much for the truth.
Fetullah the mafiosi is so big in Turkey in the mean time, who talks against him ends up in jail or being murdered. Like Dr. Necip Hablemitoglu who had detailed reports about him.
So the truth you reveal is not shocking to many of us (Turks).

it seems that Gulen's inflitration into Turkey's education, politics, media, and military are under investigation especially after a tell all book by a Turkish Police Chief. Next will be an investigation in America on the mismanagement of funds surrounding the 140 US Charter Schools that the Gulen Movement manages.
The National on the Investigation of Gulen in Turkey

USA Today a Look at Gulen and the American Charter schools

Who is Fethullah Gulen and how he is related to the charter schools? Why are those schools called Gulen Charter Schools?
Visit http://www.gulen-charterschools.com to learn more about the so called gulen charter schools.

“Be so tolerant that your bosom becomes wide like the ocean. Become inspired with faith and love of human beings. Let there be no troubled souls to whom you do not offer a hand and about whom you remain unconcerned.” (Fethullah Gülen, Criteria or Lights of the Way. London: Truestar.)

Please visit the following links to get more information about Fethullah Gulen.
Fethullah Gulen
Fethullah Gulen Blog

Why is FG living in US. How did such imam gain control over this part of the world. Is he against NWO or is he supporting it with his acts. The controllers of the todays world trying to black out islam but fethullah is supported. Andhis poor followeres will never beleive youand always fry to deny andcontradict what you are telling them. Illuminati is calling them sheeples but they dont know. The suceess of FG is awell established brain washing campaign.

Click Here for the truths

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