Laurel Canyon: Sex, Drugs and Aliens

Xaviant Haze has put together an interesting article, building on the excellent research of Dave McGowan on the mysterious world of Laurel Canyon, that connected the early folk rock music scene to Satanism and military intelligence. In particular, Haze makes mention of a strange 1983 B-movie called Wavelength, about a young couple who discover aliens being held by the US government for experimentation in an underground base in Laurel Canyon. In Haze’s words, the movie “drops hints about where to look when confronted with the Canyon conspiracy.”[i]

This is a topic I deal with in my book, Black Terror White Soldiers, where I add my own findings as well. As McGowan has shown in his multipart “Inside the LC,” many of those musicians, like David Crosby, John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, and Frank Zapa grew up on military bases. Zappa’s father was a chemical warfare specialist assigned to the Edgewood Arsenal in Aberdeen, Maryland, a facility deeply enmeshed in MK-Ultra experiments, and where numerous Nazi scientists were employed under Operation Paperclip.[ii] Zappa, in the early years, was Laurel Canyon’s father figure, leading an entourage in a residence dubbed the “Log Cabin,” where, in the words of Michael Walker, author of Laurel Canyon, there “raged a rock-and-roll salon and Dionysian playground.”[iii]

Many of these musicians were involved in MK-Ultra, a known “mind-control” operation of the CIA, whose real focus was the spread of LSD through the Haight-Ashbury scene of San Francisco, to produce the 60s counter-culture scene, as per the dictates of the notorious Frankfurt School of psychologists. The chief evangelist of the project was Aldous Huxley, the kingpin of the CIA’s subversion of culture, and author Brave New World, a dystopia about a society drugged into servitude.

Huxley also wrote The Doors of Perception, which exploded the fascination with the “mind-expanding” possibilities of drugs. Jim Morrison, who named his band The Doors after the book, and one of the earliest to arrive on the Laurel Canyon scene, was the son of US Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison, who was in command of the warships that purportedly came under Viet Cong attack, in the false-flag operation known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964.

Key to the CIA’s MK-Ultra operation was the soundman for the Grateful Dead, known as Owsley Stanley, or “Bear.” At only fifteen, he “voluntarily committed” himself to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC where, as Colin Ross explained in The CIA Doctors, Dr. Winfred Overholser Sr. funded LSD research through the Scottish Rite Committee and was at the center of the mind control network[iv] St. Elizabeth’s is also where presidential assailants, serial killers or other federal cases are kept, such as Ezra Pound and John Hinckley, Jr. who shot Ronald Reagan.

After a stint in the US Air Force, beginning in 1956, Stanley moved to LA, where he worked at Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, founded by Jack Parsons. Parsons was a leader of the Agape lodge, the American chapter of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and also one of the first known contactees of the so-called “Nordic” aliens. Likewise, Crowley claimed in 1919 to have contacted an extraterrestrial named Lam, which looked much like the iconic “greys” that have now come to be associated with alien contact.

Along with L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, beginning in 1946, Parsons started the “Babalon Working,” a series of rituals designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon, and to conceive a child through sexual magic. Parsons wanted to create a Moonchild, as outlined in Crowley's occult novel by the same name.[v]

Parsons associated with Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, who was also heavily influenced by Kenneth Anger, who enjoyed cult status in Hollywood as author of two controversial Hollywood Babylon books, and as underground experimental filmmaker of Crowley-inspired films that merged surrealism with homoeroticism and the occult. Anger became acquainted with notable countercultural figures, including Tennessee Williams, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger and his girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, which he involved in his Crowley-themed works, Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969) and Lucifer Rising (1972).

Anger also introduced Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to Aleister Crowley, who became the owner of one of the world’s largest collections of Crowley memorabilia, including Crowley’s notorious Boleskine estate on the shores of Scotland’s Loch Ness. As explained by Gary Lachman, founding member of the New Wave band Blondie, and now author, in Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius, “tales of pacts with the Devil followed Zeppelin throughout their career, and stories of orgies, black masses and satanic rites were commonplace, mostly centered around the infamous Chateau Marmont off the Sunset Strip.”[vi]

Page composed a soundtrack for Anger’s Lucifer Rising, a film for which Crowley associate and OTO member Gerald Yorke was credited as a consultant. Yorke had also been the personal representative of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama to the West.

Anger and the Laurel Canyon groups were closely associated with Vito Paulekas, his wife Zsou and Karl Franzoni. Vito also happened to be first cousin of Eva Paul, wife of Winthrop Rockefeller.[vii] According to Barry Miles, in his book Hippie, “The first hippies in Hollywood, perhaps the first hippies anywhere, were Vito, his wife Zsou, Captain Fuck [Franzoni] and their group of about thirty-five dancers. Calling themselves Freaks, they lived a semi-communal life and engaged in sex orgies and free-form dancing whenever they could.”[viii]

Vito and his wife Zsou’s three-year-old boy was the first candidate to play in Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising, before dying of a tragic accident, ascribed in the documentary Mondo Hollywood in morbid sarcasm, as “medical malpractice.” The child died on December 23, 1966, the very winter solstice heralded the Age of Satan by LaVey, who performed the role of the devil in Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother alongside Mason “Family” member, Bobby Beausoleil. Zsou suggested the fall occurred during a “wacky photo session,” which may be connected to the fact that, according to Beausoleil, some of Anger’s film projects were for private collectors: “Every once in a while he’d do a little thing that wouldn’t be for distribution.” According to biographer Bill Landis, Anger was at one time investigated by the police on suspicion that he had been producing snuff flicks.[ix]

According to Miles, Vito operated “the first crash pad in LA, an open house to countless runaways where everyone was welcome for a night, particularly young women.”[x] By the mid 1960s, the group had expanded into a guesthouse known as “the treehouse” at the Log Cabin. The “treehouse” attendees included Mick Jagger Marianne Faithfull, members of the Animals, Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders, Alice Cooper who joined Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, Janis Joplin, and Roger McGuinn and Mike Clarke from the Byrds. Journalist John Bilby recalls, “Tim Leary was definitely there, George Harrison and Ravi Shankar were there.”[xi] Zappa took over the commune in 1968.

Also included in the pack was Kim Fowley, who had spent time working as young male street hustler, but had his greatest success creating the Runaways, featuring Joan Jett, who were recently the subject of a film in 2010. Fowley crassly attired the band in leather and lingerie, and boasted, “everyone loved the idea of 16-year-old girls playing guitars and singing about fucking.”[xii]

It was the Runaways’ lead singer, Cherie Currie, who co-starred with Robert Carradine in Wavelength. Robert, who would later star in Revenge of the Nerds, is one of a number of prolific actors in the “Carradine family” of American actor John Carradine. As McGowan points out, according to authors such as Craig Heimbichner (Blood on the Altar), Martin P. Starr (The Unknown God), and John Carter (Sex and Rockets), Dennis Hopper and John Carradine, were both members of the Parsons’ Agape Lodge of the OTO, alongside, actor Dean Stockwell, and science-fiction writer, Robert Heinlein. According to Gregory Mank in Hollywood’s Hellfire Club, John Carradine and John Barrymore were also members of the so-called “Bundy Drive Boys,” who engaged in such practices as incest, rape and cannibalism.[xiii] Robert’s brother was David Carradine of Kung Fu fame, who later died in what appeared to be a ritualistic murder.

[ii] Linda Hunt, Secret Agenda: the United States Government, Nazi Scientists and Project Paperclip (St. Martin's Press, 1991); ABC PrimeTime Live, Operation Paperclip, 1991, and hearings before the House Judiciary Committee, 1991.

[iii] Michael Walker, Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-And-Roll's Legendary Neighborhood, (New York: Faber and Faber, 2006) p. 26.

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Also important to note that the neoconservatives received an education in diabolical plotting from Albert Wohlstetter in Laurel Canyon as well. Wohlstetter (1913-1997) was an influential though controversial nuclear strategist of the Cold War. Wohlstetter was the dominant figure at the RAND Corporation, the Tavistock-affiliated defense and information think tank in the Los Angeles area, before ending up at the University of Chicago where he joined Milton Friedman and Leo Strauss.

Friedman was a key member of the Mont Pelerin society, where he founded the modern lie of neoliberalism, along with Friedrich Hayek. Mont Pelerin was also connected with a bizarre tradition of synarchism, which I treat in detail in my book. Developed by Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, as a response to anarchism, synarchism proposed a society based on the rule of the elite of secret societies, and was claimed to have been the political system employed in the hollow-earth realm of Agartha.

As reported in a book review of Alex Abella’s Soldiers of Reason in the Washington Post, “It was not so much Wohlstetter himself as his acolytes… who had a major impact in Washington.” These included Richard Perle (who once dated Wohlstetter’s daughter), Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Andrew Marshall, formerly a RAND economist in Donald Rumsfeld’s Defense Department, who was dubbed the Pentagon’s “Yoda.” Titled “Dr. Strangelove’s Workplace,” the review reported that, in the latter half of the 1950s and the early 1960s, while Wohlstetter was with the RAND corporation and also a professor at UCLA “those bright, eager and ambitious young men… had sat cross-legged on the floor with their mentor at his stylish house in [of all places!] Laurel Canyon." [Gregg Herken, “Dr. Strangelove’s Workplace,” Washington Post (Sunday, July 6, 2008)]



Where exactly did u pick up the recommendations to post ““Reply to comment | Terrorism and the Illuminati”?
Thanks for your time -Emmett

Great string of comments, useful for tying disparate elements together for the missing "wide angle view" - which it seems the new book also tackles. Hope to get the book today, the subject matter is important, and little discussed.

Only a 'conspiracy' of the widest kind could achieve the western worlds' dissolution in such a short time - wide in both timeline and geographic parameters. Indeed, the most compelling aspect of the authors' unique approach will prove to be his inclusion of Islam in the nexus of these conspiratorial developments.

While commonly understood as a "religion," in the Abrahamic continuum, the Islamic tradition is, more importantly, a radical refashioning of that continuum in response to it's usurpation and corruption by the Pharisee cabal which hijacked both the Judeans and Christian west; it is at it's root a socio-economic response to the usury-interest debt slavery system which has now reached it's apogee in the west, and is attempting to pit east and west against each other in order to destroy and then rule over both.

For an interesting expose of the roots of some of the 'shambalic' fantasies of the conspiracy, readers should check out ... from Kamakhya to Kabbalism, and on to Karl Kellner, the work of black magicians is the underlying meme which the 'modern world' has been built upon - not, as is commonly supposed - upon science and the rational.

I agree that a wider overview is necessary to more comprehensibly understand these present strange times we live in. As for the dissolution of the western world as it was in the past, some changes happen from bottom up, generated by society in a democratic way. But as it seems now, i have underestimated the changes wich have been overtly and covertly enforced upon us.

After the traumatic shell shock effect of the destruction of both world wars in the psyche of mankind and thus the western world, the fabricated Cold war has been used to keep the fear and tension on an all time high. At the same time the seeds were sown for the Middle-East storyline, wich was scripted for a later time as a higher progression into Control.

After the anti-climax of the Cuban missile crisis, JFK-trauma, the 70's Oil crisis, the islamic terrorism, and lets not forget the european terrorist groups like the Baader-Meinhof,IRA,ETA and others wich were operational at the same time. And now we have grown into the brave new world, wich perpetual false flags , mediahype, Colour Alerts, less privacy, sanctioned killings by drones without trial or indightment, so we have no human rights anymore.

In hindsight it strikes me all as a scripted progression into the present situation. We have been played by the puppeteers like children. Like we were under a spell.

Thank you for the links you provided, i have checked the buddisth expose and will dig into it.

I would like to share a link as well of an alternative researcher who deals with the matter of public rituals and energy extraction/consent wich are perpetrated on a mass scale and most of us dont have the slightest clue. :

Matthew Delooze, he has a very unique perspective and i think he is on to something important : and i have linked a recent article :

I have read Dave McGowan's excellent series on Laurel Canyon, and found his series "Wagging The Moon Doggie" even more interesting. Here is a link for those who would like to read it..

Whoa, denial mission too obvious. Too many regurgitated statements, carefully selected snippets. Aprile jour productions pas excellence.

It is said a sphere is the most difficult shape to machine. In Apollo 11 Mr McGowan asserts in such a condescending manner that surfers providing "special skills" are beyond the believable. I wish he spent some time discussing the skills provided and the engineering issues the "artists" had overcome and how often they took time off due to their inate understanding of isobaric charts.
In the same "rambling webpage", he types about Apollo 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17.
Mr McGowan chooses to set the frames of reference so thinly he fails to make any decent arguments directly, he just rants without competition.
Such deliberate intent to withhold critical fact is understandable though, one needs to sell the many books/articles and paraphernalia displayed on the webpage.
Dairy farming as we call it in Oztraylia...

McGowan research is monumental but he has several important flaws. He does not have full knowledge of the Conspiracy and is considerably trapped inside the "Hegelian-dialectic" he kind-of lives in the World of "Rightwing vs Leftwing" and "Liberal vs Conservative" and "Capitalism vs Comunism vs Socialism vs Maoism vs (whatever ideology they created)". People should keep this in mind when reading his hugely important research.

Small example, he thinks that Laurel Canyon was designed to destroy the anti-Vietnam war efford when in reality Vietnam was one of the many "thesis-antithesis" wars that had their outcome decided long before they started and the fact that the Laurel Canyon "cultural values" are all over the media now rolls over his shoulders. The "Question Authority!(made by Authority)" "Against THE MAN!(made by THE MAN" motto/values have created a social holocaust worst than any war could and that was the point of LC.

It would be great if he educated himself more about the Conspiracy especially the "Thesis-Antithesis/Hegelian-dialectic" aspect of it and wrote a new version of "Inside LC".

(sorry for my English not my first language keep up the good work...great site)

I have thought about your comment that Mcgowan's thought that Laurel Canyon and thus in extension the whole hippie movement was created to destroy the anti-war sentiment and effort.

It seems to me now in hindsight that it just did that as Mcgowan says.

Do not underestimate the effect of charismatic good musicians and the effect of music as a hypnosis tool. Coupled with the media images and manufactured hype a la Bernays around selected, groomed and handled idols through magazines can affect the impressionable youth, as it does in this age.

Even if their songs had good content, the heavy promotion of recreational substance abuse to sixteen year olds had a detrimental effect on their capacity to logic thought and the organizational skills necessary for a real opposition to the militair industrial complex.

And so it connects back to the parents of a lot of popular musicians who had an agenda to manipulate the youth using their children and others, and in some cases killing at age 27 like a ritual or something.

After the Vietnam war the oppositional forces all broke down in many ways , but especially through drug induced burnout , also hippies who used lsd too often and could not effectively assert themselves in a political or legal way in order to create a more peaceful society.

So LC was a hit success in terms of psyops. It totally derailed a whole generation.

I am not implying that dug use is morally wrong , but the way it popularly manifested in the 60's and later with cocaine crack in the 80's is a recipe for a psychological epidemic wich sadly still is in effect.

And as Jan Irvin from Gnosticmedia lately has talked about the role of Time magazine in promoting psylocibin, the media is very crucial to the desired changes in society.

Laurel Canyon couldn't have been used to defuste the anti-war movement, because the anti-war movement was an expression of the Frankfurt School's efforts, just as Laurel Canyon was. The anti-war movement was an spearheaded by the New Left, whose guru was Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt school, who worked for the OSS and CIA.

As articulated their Authoritarian Personality treatise, the Frankfurt School wanted to overthrow the traditional family, for the idiotic reason that is supposeldy fosterr fascism. The way to do so, according to their bizarre Freudo-Marxian beliefs, as articulated by Wilhelm Recih, was to liberalize attitudes towards sex.

So the New Left, from their Marxist aspirations, were used in combination. Much of the New Left was a product of the Tavistock Institute, like the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground. The CIA paid to publish the works of Angela Davis, who was a student of Herbert Marcuse.

As regular folks, we are only limited by our interest in the research- if you have info, tell us about it, I can only assume McGowan is still learning as he goes, that is all any of us can do. I got saved in 1993 based on learning about the New World Order and the implantable microchip (the Mark of the Beast) and lo and behold many years later, prompted by the Bill Cosby accusation, I thought, "in the Playboy Mansion, he could NOT have been acting alone", and I began to look into the creepy Playboy Mansion, found info on Bill Cosby actually a CIA photographer and  operative helping program girls and women for Operation Monarch of which Playboy was a huge hub. Then as the Pizzagate stuff erupted, that got deeper and dirtier and I found out about Cathy O Brien and Sue Ford and the absolute HORRORS they went through as tiny babies by their sick fathers who sold them into the network of pedophilia, Gerald Ford was involved in bringing paperwork for both their fathers to sign, (He and George Bush were also involved in the JFK Warren Commission covering up the facts) and inducted them into further training and torture in serving the presidents and senators and high ranking VIP's, concepts that are so horrible my own husband refused to believe it for several months until the evidence just got too thick. He couldn't ignore or make fun of what I was saying anymore. I am SURE I don't have it complete yet, but there is always more and more and it never ceases to amaze me at the sociopathic abilities of the ruling elite, it just gets deeper and deeper. So Maybe McGowan isn't there yet and maybe I am not there yet, we must keep learning and praying and fighting however we can.

check this out , david carradine as an

shamballa master in the second kung fu

series ,
after reading your sufi/new age asrticle it

struck me strange , the series is full of

new age themes.

also charles manson seems like a lowlevel

outsider who met a lot of the hollywood

stars. And he was allowed to do a lot of

interviews from prison that helped to

launch him as an anti/establishment hero ,
as he was not allowed to defend himself in


maybe he is some kind of stooge just like


still he made some great music , and seems

really intelligent.

But he advocates a new world order as well on ecological basis , just like agenda 21 und UN policies.

Maybe he is a psy-op.

Buddhism has obviously been pretty heavily marketed. And while it is one of the world's great religions, the kind that has been marketed to the West is not really Buddhism, but Tibetan Buddhism, which is a mix of Hindu Tantra and Bon Shamanism.

The popularization that kind of "Buddhism" started with avowed Luciferian, H. P. Blavatsky.

I wasn't around in the 60s, so I'm not entirely sure to what extent the popularization of Buddhism was  at that time, but my impression has always been that it was Kung Fu which created the impression of the wise Asian masters (at least for my generation). A stereotype that was repeated in The Karate Kid, with Mr. Miagi (aka Arnold from from Happy Days).

So thanks for this. You've renewed my interest in considering the significance of that series, especially in regards to David Carradine's relationship to it.

I'm in the process of writing an article on the Dalai Lama which will hopefully put this still in more persepective.

As for Manson, here's a paragraph from my new book, Black Terror White Soldiers:

Young was introduced to Charles Manson by Dennis Wilson, and was impressed enough with Manson’s musical abilities to recommend him to Mo Ostin, president of Warner Brothers. Reminiscing years later, Young seemed to be still enthralled with Mason’s personality, saying: “he was an angry man. But brilliant… He sounds like Dylan when he talks.”  He went even further: “He’s like one of the main movers and shakers of time – when you look back at Jesus and all these people, Charlie was like that.”  For his part, Manson said in a 1995 interview from prison in California that all his old musician friends “didn’t give a sh*t,” except Neil Young, he remembered, who once gave him a motorcycle.  As Neil Young explained, “a lot of pretty well-known musicians around L.A. knew him, though they'd probably deny it now.”

I have been caught up in this western popular Zen/buddhism/hypnosis trap as well, but it doesnt matter if you are mistaken , the key is to integrate your mistake and become wiser and evolve, and move on.

I believe that Alan Watt was a very important influencer of the new age crowd and still is through the internet.
he promoted drug use , coupled with vage notions about humans being gods etc, and i dont think that traditional zen buddhism promotes this view at all.

So they took some exotic memes and changed them to fit their agenda and then mass market them through figureheads wearing garbed robes and beards , charismatic eccentric people who had a natural capacity to hypnotize just like Gurdjieff.

It´s the same pattern repeated ad nauseam.

And as The older Bon sjamanistic tradition appeals more to people because of its mystery and the Tantric sexinfused mystique they chose the Tibetan model to extrapolate and build on.
And this is exactly propagated through Kung Fu the series, the first one is a little sober , but the second one really goes into overdrive as in the nineties a certain crowd might have been ready for that next level.

Dont underestimate the number of viewers , it was really popular.
And though cinema charismatic people of course can hypnotize just as easily as in person. It´s the face and the eyes, and also the projected mental energy behind the eyes.

I think you have to have a certain brain/wiring for that, and you are born with it or not, and maybe you can enhance this.
Just like aleister crowley had some mysterious power over people.
We still dont know much about this area as it has been left untouched by most scientists.

As for the dalai lama, i am surprised that most westerners seem to have a blind reverence for this guy without even critically analyzing his sayings and teachings.
It´s the image, he leaves in the minds, always smiling , like a charlatan. Like he is the truth or something.

Manson has a great hypnotic power , but also intelligence, the fact that he is in prison instead of getting rewards and being in the elite circle does give him some credit, but i certainly dont agree with the murders , but shows that no human is perfect or godlike and has defects he needs to work on.

In the interviews from 70 unto now his eyes seem to radiate the same intense energy like he has not aged or dulled in his mind at all.

also dont underestimate the effect of solitary imprisonment for long periods of time in a dark room, sensory deprication has been used by sjamans and sufi´s as well to enhance consciousness.

I had a friend from turkey who when younger had underwent a ritual in wich he was blindfolded for three consecutive days.

Take no man for god.

i have some aftertoughts wich might be relevant :

Aldous Huxley had said somewhere that because of Freud's incapacity to hypnotize , since Mezmer first discovered animal magnetism, the research into this has stood still for a long time.

I have been analyzing NLP from Richard Bandler as well and read the book ''the structure of Magic''.
I think that NLP is the technical aspect of wordmagic and how the chosen words and sentence-structure can determine the effect on the mind, and the mindstate or emotional state can be decyphered by analyzing this.
But if NLP is the Tool , then the capacity to mesmerize is the Power to fuel the use of this tool. Also Milton Erickson i believe pioneered some of this field.

Remeber the ayatollah khomeini ? of wich is rumoured that he was a british intelligence asset to begin with.
He hardly spoke much in public, i remember him when silent and looking with those dark black piercing eyes. Thats all he needed to do.

And Hitler comes to mind , with Goebbels as one of the fathers of modern propaganda-science,
and hitler's seemingly otherworldly ability to mesmerize large crowds. Like a puppetmaster.
And in modern times of course Obama comes to mind on his first tour in Europe in Berlin where stood by the Brandenburger Tower, all the people seemed in trance.

People dont get to fulfill an important position by chance , they are preselected , groomed and handled accordingly to go with the script.

Just like the MKultra mindcontrolled ones.

More interesting points. There's a great article titled “The Consolation of Theosophy II,” by Frederick C. Crews for The New York Review of Books, who shows that several scholars have established that Freud was among the key figures who developed therapy through the retrieval of forgotten trauma, through a debt to Franz Anton Mesmer.

Hypnotism, it would seem, is just a modern version of what was called for centuries as putting someone "under a spell."

I treat this subject in my new book, Black Terror White Soldiers, especially relating to Freud's relationship with Sabbateansim, and how his twisted ideas developed from it.

Freud himself was renowned in Vienna as a suggestive healer, his practice relying heavily on the use of hypnosis, a method he characterized as essentially "mystical."  Freud engaged in magical propitiatory acts and tested the power of soothsayers. He confided to his biographer Ernest Jones his belief in "clairvoyant visions of episodes at a distance" and "visitations from departed spirits."  He even arranged a séance with his family members and three other analysts. He also practiced numerology and believed in telepathy. In Dreams and Occultism, he declared, "It would seem to me that psycho-analysis, by inserting the unconscious between what is physical and what was previously called 'psychical,' has paved the way for the assumption of such processes as telepathy."

Carl Jung, who had worked with Freud, commented approvingly on the Jewish mystical origins of Freudian psychoanalysis, stating that in order to comprehend the origin of Freud’s theories:

"…one would have to take a deep plunge into the history of the Jewish mind. This would carry us beyond Jewish Orthodoxy into the subterranean workings of Hasidism...and then into the intricacies of the Kabbalah, which still remains unexplored psychologically."

I really enjoy this exchange of thoughts, and when i am able i will look into your book, as you have demonstrated to be knowledgeable about these interesting issues.

i have studied Jung more then Freud, and i now see that Freud is very necessary to study, also because of his relationship to Edward Bernays who is the father of modern consumersociety-mindset wich through the west has infected the minds of people worldwide.

Materialism over morals and spirituality has become the norm in a very exaggerated and distorted fashion. And with spirituality i mean that you build up your Soul in this fleeting life by right deeds and words and you take that with you after death and what you gain by it stays with you.
Material posessions are left behind in this world, so they rank less important from a spiritual viewpoint.

It ties in very well with the Sabbatean/talmudic mindset that holds material in very high regard and a racist viewpoint to other peoples as demonstrated in the Old testament with all the genocides of conquered peoples. Palestine has been conquered before when it was called Canaan , the david and
goliath story.

I wonder how much of Jung's work in regards to synchronicity, dreams, collective unconsciousness, transpersonal and transcultural projection, ancestors is an outgrowth of Freud's basis. Because they fell out with eachother i assumed that Jung's ideas were totally unique.

And indeed putting someone under a spell is a worldwide practise, as i have found by studying Myths and stories from all continents. People blinded by a magic spell and completely helpless and loss of core personality. The Evil Eye and the color blue used to protect from this.

I will put some effort in studing the kaballah as it seems a central hub to a lot of new age aspects.


Further i would like to recommend viewing the lecture by Tony Wright wich deals with the issue of Genius/Crazyness and why humanity is destroying itself unnecessarily from a evolutionary biological viewpoint.
If his model has a basis for truth, it explains many many things wich i have wondered about.

i have tried out some recommendations and found them to be effective in activating a higher brainfunction in ways i have not achieved before. And it explains how i in the past accidentally got there when doing certain activities and diets.


As for the ''Dolly Lama''

something on a lighter but very revealing note : :)


And the last one :

a relevant article and comments regarding the issue of given Guru's and in this case Gandhi and his distorted ascetism and irrational egocentric beliefs and power to persuade others to follow them.

The case of Jung's interest in the occult is even more blatant than Freud. I would recommend:

The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jun

Or this article by Sanford Drob:

Jung's Kabbalistic Vision

Also, check out Jung's vey weird Red Book.

In it, Jung described that he was visited by two figures, an old man and a young woman, who identified themselves as Elijah and Salome, accompanied by a large black snake. The Elijah figure became his guiding spirit, that Jung called Philemon, “a mythological creature recalling centaurs, mermaids and the Minotaur.”  In Memories, Dreams and Reflections, he reveals that this figure, was a "pagan" having "an Egypto-Hellenistic atmosphere with a gnostic coloration."  It is from his discussions with Philemon, as recounted in Memories, Dreams and Reflections, that Jung received his most profound insights about the nature of the human psyche.

Salome, who was identified by Jung as an anima figure, began worshipping Jung, saying to him, “You are Christ.” Then the snake coiled itself around Jung, and he realized as he struggled that he had assumed the attitude of the crucifixion. While the snake was squeezing him, Jung felt his head change into that of a lion, and described, “The animal face which I felt mine transformed into was the famous Leontocephalus of the Mithraic Mysteries.”  Jung became a god, known as the Aion. Near the end of his life Jung published a book in 1951 on “the phenomenology of the self” named after this god, with a cover photograph featuring Deus Leontocephalus.

There's more going on in modern neuroscience than anything you'll find in Freud. Freud wasn't a scientists. There isn't a bit of science in anything he did. People like Michael Persinger have far more to say about consciousness than Freud ever did.

Manson was certainly a master of Eriksonian, or patter style hypnosis. The staring eyes actually have little to do with it. Hypnosis occurs when the conscious mind is over loaded, at which point, it will seek escape. If fight or flight doesn't appear to be warranted by the conscious mind, it will simply step back and a state of hyper-suggestibility is entered. This is why hollywood crash, bang boom style movies are also particularly hypnotic. Films viewed on the big screen are particularly useful if the intent is to program the audience, it is very difficult to avoid some level of suggestibility or trance under such conditions.

I have watched Manson attempting to use this style on I think it was the parole board, or possibly a judge. First he worked over load with diatribes, them he went into a vety distracting dance, then made a sudden loud noise. He does this in a number of interviews, over loads verbally, then physically, then makes a sudden shocking sound, which will put many, many people under. His style won't put everyone under, as he speaks typically with strongly inferred language. It has been discovered in the course of studying hypnosis, that around half of us understand language in a more literal way, others understand more when meanings are inferred. For those who relate to inferred, Manson could have huge power.

interesting data you gave.

the way you describe manson's antics as being part of the overload , funny enough it reminds me of children , how they use crying , asking the same question over and over , jumping up and down, changing emotions fast, from crying to angry, to sad , etc, and when they get what they want they act happy , to reward you for compliance.

i think we all have used these patterns unconsciously as children, and some of us still do, and others have made a science and art of this hypnotick trickbag.and some become masters at it by doing it subtle.

thats why i really like this quote of the late robert anton wilson. i cannot vouch for this , guy but i like this quote :

i still think that there is something going on unvisibly maybe telepathically besides the ericksonian technique.

if you let in an experiment 100 random people try to use these manson tricks on equally random big enough group of people, with the same words ,gestures , tactics, facial expression after you have trained them to do so, still the outcome of effectiveness will be different .

and i think thats where biology/consciousness comes into play. notice how some people have a strong presence, even without words, they can light up the room, or strike terror, or bring sadness.

i think soem people naturally or maybe acquired have a strong field effect on their surroundings for the better or worse , like some bioelectromagnetic field.

in the case of known celebrities the previous buildup in the media can have a similar effect. human brains devote a lot of energy to facial recognition. in dire times it can be the difference between life or death. so the media and hollywood use this occult information to foster images around certain celebrities in the minds of the masses. and it works great if i look at how people i often confuse and attributhe the qualities assigned to the actors in the moviescript to real life.

thats also the reason why newscastors/anchors ( casting a spell heh ? ) ( anchoring nlp style anyone ?) are shown for decades and paid huge salaries so they dont take other jobs and do the same day after day.

because the news is the biggest magic trick,in that hardly no one sees it as a trick anymore, but subconsciously mistake it for reality.

The Dali Lama was pictured on a wearing a Rolex, and being targeted as "CIA" agent.

David McGowan is the author of an excellent online history of the dubious characters and their connections to the military and the occult, Inside Laurel Canyon, interviewed here.

I never fell into it, the 60's drugs and free love scene, my classmates scorned me that I was uncool. In view of all the LC CIA horrors and lies, why is it so hard to believe Paul McCartney died and was replaced by Fake Paul? The Beatles were monsters, CIA sponsored too, so Fake Paul is plausible.

In response to David Livingstone's comment regarding RAND head honcho Albert Wohlstetter and his links to Laurel Canyon, it is interesting to note that Doors guitarist Robby Krieger's father was also a senior figure at RAND.

Great piece of information. Thanks!

David Crosby didn't grow up on a military base. His father was a cinematographer who shot High Noon and later moved to Santa Barbara and worked for Roger Corman. (During WWII, his father did shoot film for the Army Air Corps and Lockheed.) 

i have a lot to say about laurel canyon. eneough that mcgowan interviewed me twice before his rapid demise. my family signed many of the progenitors this music "scene" at the behest of then CBS prexy goddard lieberson. im on a doors record as a 13 year old kid. i know from whereof i speak. albeit, late to the thread/party.


we used to have insider music biz forums. i was infamous.

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