Jay Z, Beyoncé and No Doubt Front for Globalist Festival

American popular music is a manufactured product of generally very poor artistic quality, but serves the purpose of producing idols who can be used to convey subliminal messages of subversion. Edward Bernays, the father of “public relations” and nephew to Sigmund Freud, wrote: Human beings need to have godhead symbols, and public relations counsels must help to create them.” Bernays recognized the value of his idol-making in shaping public opinion:

We have no being in the air to watch over us. We must watch over ourselves, and that is where public relations counselors can prove their effectiveness, by making the public believe that human gods are watching over us for our own benefit.[1]

No Doubt, Jay Z, Carrie Underwood and other musical acts performed in Central Park in New York City on Saturday for the 3rd annual Global Citizen Festival, a free event organized by then Global Poverty Project, which receives the buil of its funding by major Zionist foundations.

The concept of the “Global Citizen” is an agenda with the support of the UN and its affiliated agencies, presented as a positive step forward away from the ravages of nationalism, and towards a more favorable allegiance to a single one-world government. The objective is totalitarian because it aims to replace all the world’s religions and bring everyone together under a single one-world religion, based on Freemasonry and the Kabbalah.

The Global Poverty Project disguises its sinister objectives by shrouding its projects in humanitarian principles, in order to suggest that one-world government is the only answer to humanity’s most pressing problems, global poverty being the greatest among them. However, speaking at the festival was Jim Young Kim, president of the World Bank, which is responsible for creating that staggering poverty in the first place.

An important myth that has been cultivated to disguise the sordid realities of rampant capitalism is that of “development.” It suggests that the Third World is stagnating in a more primitive stage of evolution, and in need of Western assistance to catch up with the level of prosperity of the industrialized world.

However, as demonstrated by John Perkins, in Confessions of an Economic Hitman, the Third World is being deliberately enslaved to provide cheap human and natural resources. Through coups and other covert strategies, the CIA ensures local support for the acceptance of “aid” which is supplied to finance development projects by giant American corporations like Bechtel and Haliburton. These projects generate profits only to their shareholders, while saddling the common citizens with the extraordinary debt, which is further exacerbated through IMF’s “structural adjustment” policies which impose “austerity measures” to ensure its repayment and ensuring their subservience.

The Global Poverty Project was founded by Hugh Evans and Simon Moss and aims to end extreme poverty by 2030, by increasing the number of people working for the cause. Among its most important sources of funding are the Pratt Foundation, the Joel Joffe Foundation and the Sumner Redstone Foundation.

Joel Goodman Joffe, Baron Joffe, is a South African-born Jewish lawyer and Labour peer in the British House of Lords. He was served as defence attorney of the leadership of the ANC at the 1963-4 Rivonia Trial, helping to represent Nelson Mandela. He later moved to the UK, and worked in the financial services industry, setting up Hambro Life Assurance with Sir Mark Weinberg. He was associated with Oxfam in various roles between 1982 and 2001, including being its Chair 1995–2001. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 1999 New Year Honours.

When Richard Pratt, the head of the Pratt Foundation, which has a history of extensive charitable work in Israel, died in 2009, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of him, "Israel and the Jewish people have lost a great friend and supporter."[2] The Pratt Foundation is an Australian philanthropic organisation based in Melbourne and established in 1978 by Jeanne and Richard Pratt. Richard J. Pratt (born Ryszard Przecicki). Pratt was born in Poland to Polish Jewish parents in 1934. His family immigrated to Australia in 1938 and settled in Shepparton, Victoria, changing their surname from Przecicki to Pratt. In the year before his death Pratt was Australia’s fourth-richest person, with a personal fortune valued at A$5.48 billion.

Pratt was chairman of the privately owned company Visy Industries, and a leading figure of Melbourne society. Visy has also been linked to the Hells Angels reputed to have ties to criminal organizations in Australia and overseas.[3] Pratt recently had to face impropriety charges, when the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission claimed that he had engaged in price-fixing. His company was fined AU$36 million ($25 million) in the case.

The chief executive of the Pratt Foundation is Melbourne journalist Sam Lipski. A distinguished Australian journalist, Lipsky has been editor-in-chief of the Australian Jewish News and has worked as a reporter and columnist for The Age, The Australian, The Bulletin and The Sydney Morning Herald. He was also Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, as well as The Australian.

Media magnate Sumner Redstone was born to a Jewish family in Boston, to Belle (née Ostrovsky) and Michael Rothstein. In 1940, his father changed the family surname from "Rothstein" to "Redstone." Redstone is the majority owner and Chairman of the Board of the National Amusements theater chain. Through National Amusements, Sumner Redstone and his family are majority owners of CBS Corporation and Viacom (itself the parent company of MTV Networks, BET, and the film studio Paramount Pictures), and are equal partners in MovieTickets.com. According to Forbes as of March 2014 he is worth US $6.2 billion.

Global Citizen was launched in 2012, alongside the Global Citizen Festival, and was the tool through which interested people had to earn tickets to the event. It is a website and mobile application designed to help interested members of the general public find effective and relevant ways to take action on extreme poverty.

In September, as the world’s leaders gathered in New York for the UN General Assembly, the Global Citizen Festival brought top artists and 60,000 “change makers” together in Central Park to urge leaders and citizens to do more to help end extreme poverty. The Festival celebrated the progress already made in fighting extreme poverty, secured financial commitments for tackling extreme poverty and disease, totaling 1.3 billion USD, and called on thousands of ambassadors to take action for “change.”

The event featured Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses and K'Naan, with a special appearance by John Legend. Beyoncé also made a surprise appearance during husband Jay Z's performance.


[1] Larry Tye, The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and The Birth of Public Relations, Macmillan, 2002. P. 15ff; cited in Jan Irvin, “Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering,” [http://www.gnosticmedia.com/manufacturing-the-deadhead-a-product-of-soci...

[2] Raphael Ahren. “Jewish Australian billionaire Richard Pratt dies aged 74” Ha’aretz, (Apr. 28, 2009) [http://www.haaretz.com/news/jewish-australian-billionaire-richard-pratt-...

[3] Vacy Vlazna, Stamping Impunity on Israel’s War Crimes (Jun 25 2013)



Is FEMEN Promoting Female Degeneracy Under The Guise Of Feminism?
(Warning: Most of the images and links in the above article are NSFW, so exercise caution)
We’ve noticed, discussed, and known how feminism has slowly spread (or is spreading) throughout the world after its rise in the West five decades back. Men who’ve traveled abroad to find feminine women in traditional societies have also sometimes discovered the slow influx of feminism, and sometimes the appalling rise of feminist activism in those societies. One such example of feminist activism is that of FEMEN.
FEMEN is a feminist protest group whose slogan is Sextremism. It was founded in Ukraine in 2008, and is now based in Paris. The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests (ranging from from public group urination to softcore street theatre) against “sex tourism,” religious institutions, sexism, homophobia and other social, national, and international topics.

In October 2013 FEMEN had its largest membership in France, with international branches in Poland, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Germany, the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Tunisia. A Quebec-based FEMEN is also active, founded by Ukraine-born Xenia Chernyshova. In October 2012 the organization claimed it had about 40 activists in Ukraine, and another 100 who had joined their protests abroad, as well as twenty thousand supporters via the social network Vkontakte.
It’s founder is supposedly Anna Hutsol, who was born in Russia but moved to Ukraine with her parents in 1991.
An economist and a former assistant to singer Tina Karol, she supposedly founded FEMEN in 2008 after she became attuned to the sad stories of Ukrainian women duped by false promises from abroad:
I set up FEMEN because I realized that there was a lack of women activists in our society; Ukraine is male-oriented and women take a passive role. – Anna Hutsol
Other notable “front-women” include Alexandra Shevchenko, Irina Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko, and in recent times, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy.
The FEMEN office in their native Kiev was closed and the organization’s leadership left Ukraine (“Fearing for their lives and freedom”) in August 2013. FEMEN now focus their activities in other parts of the world, to become an “international movement.”
Fiercely anti-religion, FEMEN describes itself as “radical feminism”and it claims to be “fighting patriarchy in its three manifestations – sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship, and religion.” FEMEN has pledged to fight the sex industry and marriage agencies, the Church and its pro-life beliefs and patriarchal society, as well as those who oppose gay marriage.
On its official website FEMEN states: “FEMEN – is sextremism serving to protect women’s rights, democracy watchdogs attacking patriarchy, in all its forms: the dictatorship, the church, the sex industry.” Their protests often have a slutty feel to them, with activists engaging in provocative actions to garner attention. However, sometimes women too, including models, haven’t taken their provocative demonstrations (disruptions) with amusement.
The hypocritical ironies in what FEMEN preaches, and what it actually does are so glaring. Look at the sample slogans which FEMEN preaches, as mentioned in an article which appears biased in FEMEN’s favor (the nsfw version is here) and explored behind the scenes of a FEMEN sextremist training session:
The following day, I was invited to one of Femen’s weekly sextremist training sessions. As I walked in, the 11 gathered girls – most of them wearing jean shorts and Femen tank-tops – were standing in a circle furiously screaming their mottos: “Go rape yourself!”, “Nudity is freedom!”, “Fuck your church!”, “Fuck your morals!”, “Not a sex toy!”, “In gay we trust!”, “Homohobes dégage! [Homophobes get out of the way]” and “Where is Amina? Free Amina!” in support of their Tunisian sister.
And furthermore:
A new recruit to the group was then asked to demonstrate what she had learned during her inaugural training session at the headquarters the previous week. In front of everyone present, she got into position and started screaming the slogans at the top of her lungs. Inna told her she’d done well, but that her arms went a little slack as she was screaming, before going over the technical aspects of the Femen pose: legs in a wide stance and holding the sign high, arms straight and held a little behind the ears. “We’re not promoting yoghurt or beer, we’re reclaiming our bodies. This is aggressive nudity – we’re ready to attack!” Inna told her.
A propaganda of evil degeneracy under the name of feminism—that’s the thought which comes to mind. These girls, as will be shown below, possibly suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.
The girls even practiced being walked on, as is often the outcome at their protests. Pauline, a full-time French Femen activist, told me that women’s bodies are a lot more resistant to pain than you’d think. “We’re taught early on that we are frail, but we’re not! We’re probably more pain resistant than men. I’ve been beaten up during my six months as a Femen and I’m amazed at how much violence I can be exposed to and still be able to get back up and continue the action.
These are “strong” words from FEMEN activists whom the “patriarch” of FEMEN calls as “weak girls” or even “bitches,” which will be seen below.
The real face behind FEMEN
Last year, 28-year-old Australian filmmaker Kitty Green, had “outed” Victor Svyatski (a “consultant” to the movement) as the mastermind behind the group, in the documentary film “Ukraine is not a Brothel”.

He was badly beaten up by the secret services in Ukraine last summer because of his activities on behalf of the group.
Green reveals that Svyatski is not simply a supporter of FEMEN but its founder and éminence grise.
It’s his movement and he hand-picked the girls. He hand-picked the prettiest girls because the prettiest girls sell more papers. The prettiest girls get on the front page… that became their image, that became the way they sold the brand – Kitty Green
The article also mentions:
It was a big moral thing for me because I realised how this organisation was run. He (Svyatski) was quite horrible with the girls. He would scream at them and call them bitches. – Kitty Green
The patriarch—of a “sextremist anti-patriarchy feminist” organization of “weak girls” having a female figurehead as a founder—claims to be a positive influence on the group while calling them “bitches.” Ironic, isn’t it?
When the Femen founder finally spoke to Ms Green, he sought to justify his role within the organisation and acknowledged the paradox of being a “patriarch” running a feminist protest group. “These girls are weak,” he says in the film.
They don’t have the strength of character. They don’t even have the desire to be strong. Instead, they show submissiveness, spinelessness, lack of punctuality, and many other factors which prevent them from becoming political activists. These are qualities which it was essential to teach them.
Finally it appears, FEMEN is nothing but instead a feminist farce of actual exploitation of women, which they hypocritically claim to be fighting against.
One of the Femen campaigners talks of the relationship between the women and the movement’s founder as being akin to “Stockholm syndrome”, in which hostages feel sympathy for their captors.
“We are psychologically dependent on him and even if we know and understand that we could do this by ourselves without his help, its psychological dependence,” she says.
One can’t help but wonder whether the above point actually sheds the actual light on the reality of the strings behind FEMEN. Are these girls hostages to the ones who run FEMEN, with the apt reference to the Stockholm Syndrome—commonly found in women who are abused (e.g. prostitutes)?
Nevertheless, the fallout in the wake of the documentary’s expose on Svyatski was full of comical hypocritical apologetic “rebuttals” by FEMEN and Svyatski. Svyatski says in this interview:
The director Kitty Green came from Australia. Together we planned how we could make her film more interesting. Kitty suggested to me: ‘Victor, in the film you are the tyrant, and the girls fear you.’ At the end, the girls would then free themselves from me. That’s how it was filmed in the end as well. But I am not as bad as in this plot.
Which is contradicted most evidently by the blatantly apologetic and comical-at-times response by Inna Shevchenko who said that “Femen let Victor Svyatski take over because we didn’t know how to fight it”. “Strong” women who partake in aggressive nudity don’t know how to fight? Seems like men are needed after all even by feminists. Who is telling the truth – Shevchenko or Svyatski?
Shevchenko then calls Svyatski as “sexism, male domination, and oppression against women personified.” LOL. Was she hibernating all along when he was in charge?
From that moment on, I realised that the patriarchy was not somewhere outside. It was right in front of us, in Femen’s office. And our global fight with patriarchy started with the fight in our own private life. This is when I decided to leave Ukraine for France to build a new Femen.
Are these statements supposed to be even taken seriously? According to the translation of this Ukrainian news article, FEMEN activists actually fled Ukraine in 2013 after having been summoned for questioning. Is Shevchenko thus trying to apologetically disguise FEMEN fleeing from Ukraine, as instead being a quest to build a new FEMEN elsewhere in the name of a farcical disgust against Svyatski’s “oppressive patriarchy”?

More questions: FEMEN by day, whore by night?
In 2012, french articles on Eloise Bouton (more NSFW articles in french here: 1, 2), a radical member of FEMEN France, began to surface on the web, which showed stark pictorial resemblances to an online independent French call girl called Alise Lizaziz. The similarities in the nsfw pictures raised questions about the background of the activists, and possibly the real nature of the movement.
The credentials of NPNS are well known: They supposedly oppose prostitution which they consider to be the “exploitation of women,” the objectification of the female body for the sole benefit of “domineering and exploitative” men. So Eloise cannot be an escort—which would be incoherent to the ideologies of NPNS as well as FEMEN. But then who is Alise (or Lizaliz or Luka) – who bears striking similarities to Eloise, as seen in the pictures?
If you connect the dots from the above two stories, you actually begin to wonder whether is FEMEN is a hypocritical farcical organization promoting degeneracy, by actually trying to recruit young women in the name of feminism to make them into attention and possibly real whores. Or possibly provide a cover for real whores to attention whore in public. If Eloise is indeed Alise, then 800 € a night leads to 24K € per month. So, it pays to be a feminist (or possibly run an organization of such women clandestinely indulging in such activities).
What or who funds FEMEN? A FEMEN activist is supposedly paid $1000/month and gets to fly around Europe, a pretty decent gig for a poor girl from Ukraine, if she’d choose to be an aggressive exhibitionist in public (and possibly a whore at night). Are these girls being lured into prostitution under the lure of feminism? Or are these girls already whores, who’re further being used to promote degeneracy to traditional women worldwide under the lure of feminism?
We’re always been told that “Do not judge who is speaking, but rather judge what is being said.” Sometimes, it’s better to first note the histories of the people in view to understand their motives. The ambiguous background of these activists and the nature of feminist organizations like FEMEN does raise questions about their actual motives. Are they really in favor of women, or actually promoting degeneracy to women instead through the aggressive nudity of possibly delusional, misandrist, victimized or brainwashed women who could already have dubious backgrounds?
The standard slogan reply from them would instead be: “Fuck your morals!”
Seems to be that FEMENists have agreed that morals don’t exist for them at all—as seen above.
It’s often said: “Corrupt the women first – to weaken the men then – to decay the society”. The more you see the real picture of feminist ideology, the more you realize is how feminists are actually the real enemies of women. In the end, the endgame of feminism is to absolve women from their decisions in life, no matter how wrong their choices might be.
The scourge of feminism which rose in the west five decades back now seeks to corrupt women in traditional societies to destroy femininity and pollute the few pools of relationship-worthy women left in today’s world. Feminist misery loves company. Some women have however already taken steps to reject feminism in modern societies, thus feminism now has decided to look to infect women elsewhere in the world.
FEMEN has already failed in Ukraine, but is now seeking to infect women elsewhere with its poisonous feminist ideology of hypocritical godless immoral degenerate sextremism. Even if it means by promotion of exhibitionist attention whoring in public—under the name of protesting for equal rights, or promoting degeneracy to fellow women in the name of liberalism—to destroy the last bastions of traditionalism and femininity.

Your About page says you "investigate these matters with the utmost scholarly rigour."

However the last line of the article is completely wrong and could be proven with a 2 second Google search. The bands you mentioned have been part of the festival in previous years but not the concert you are reportedly speaking about. So I can see your scholarly rigour means " lets make stuff up and throw mud at an incredible bunch of people fighting for the rights of those that don't have a voice.

Worthless piece of writing, with more imagination then rigour.

Because you criticise the last line, which you misread, and which has absolutely nothing to do with the original premise, you dismiss the actual point of the article which was to make light to the event's sponsors.


just cuz it's googleth of a search doesn't prove jack shit dumbass ... fricken' schill per se pro se ... kiss ass grrl who's brainwashed @ least Carl Jung makes Freud look like a perverted sicko that was his true incest of nature and a totally amateur of his day like Alester Crowley was - too!! afortiori! such a lame excuse for a crybaby girl named "Rebecca" w/ no factual feedback in real time debate - whatsoever... loser lamebrain! LOL!

Now my mammy is mad at me.

This "Global Citizen" agenda is an agenda arises for a very noble cause. Poverty is a very important issue which does not allow world to grow at that rate at which it want to grow. Global poverty project is started to eliminate poverty from the world. And today from this stage we hear wordings of PM of India "Narendra Modi". He is hoping for the best for peoples of India. And by his wordings this is looking like he will be successful in their mission.

Hi David.I have read your book.I just want to ask you one thing.Are you a Jewish disinformant agent like Imran Hosein,Benjamin Fulford or Alex Jones?And lastly,are you really Muslim?

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