Islamic Radicals Admit to Masonic Origins. But...

The radical faction of Islam, known as the Salafi, are a movement created through British intrigue and coordination with occult secret societies, toward fomenting a “Clash of Civilizations”. And though the West is largely unaware of them, they are almost entirely responsible for the extremism that Islam is mistakenly perceived for.

Zarqawi, in his letter to bin Laden, described the Mujahideen, those who have been duped by the CIA to believe they are fighting a “holy war”, as follows: “These are the quintessence of the Sunnis and the good sap of this country. In general, they belong to the Sunni doctrine and naturally to the Salafi creed.”

Interestingly, their most recent response to challenges against their authenticity has been to admit, in part, to their Masonic origins, although apologizing that the men claimed as its founders, Masons and British agents like Jamal Aghani, and Mohammed Abduh, were not its true representatives.

But this is a feeble attempt to disguise their true mischief and service to Western powers. Instead, the Salafi now claim to be devoted followers alone of Abdul Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism, whose service as a British agent they have yet to discover.

Islam was essentially consolidated for a period of about 1000 years, until the advent of Wahhabism. Islam developed four primary schools of legal thought, called Math’habs. These developed out of the tolerant attitude that it was possible to arrive at different conclusions based on an appraisal of the very same evidence. At a certain point, nevertheless, the legal development of Islam was eventually closed, called the “Closing of the Doors of Ijtihad”, to avoid any further controversy. That is how the schools were established at a number of four.

These various schools were not considered sects. They were legal schools of opinion, and were each considered orthodox and mutually compatible.

That is, until the 19th century, and the advent of colonialism, and the common British strategy of “Divide and Rule”, which evidently exercised its hand in disrupting this situation. According to the Wikipedia article on Shariah:

During the 19th century the history of Islamic law took a sharp turn due to new challenges the Muslim world faced: the West had risen to a global power and colonized a large part of the world, including Muslim territories. Societies changed from the agricultural to the industrial stage. New social and political ideas emerged and social models slowly shifted from hierarchical towards egalitarian. The Ottoman Empire and the rest of the Muslim world were in decline, and calls for reform became louder. In Muslim countries, codified state law started replacing the role of scholarly legal opinion. Western countries sometimes inspired, sometimes pressured, and sometimes forced Muslim states to change their laws. Secularist movements pushed for laws deviating from the opinions of the Islamic legal scholars. Islamic legal scholarship remained the sole authority for guidance in matters of rituals, worship, and spirituality, while they lost authority to the state in other areas. The Muslim community became divided into groups reacting differently to the change. This division persists until the present day (Brown 1996, Hallaq 2001, Ramadan 2005, Aslan 2006, Safi 2003).

* Secularists believe the law of the state should be based on secular principles, not on Islamic legal theory.
* Traditionalists believe that the law of the state should be based on the traditional legal schools. However, traditional legal views are considered unacceptable by most modern Muslims, especially in areas like women’s rights or slavery.[6]
* Reformers believe that new Islamic legal theories can produce modernized Islamic law [7] and lead to acceptable opinions in areas such as women’s rights.[8]
* Salafis strive to follow Muhammad and his companions, tabiin (followers of the Companions), tabiut tabiin (followers of the tabiin) and those who follow these 3 generations.

An excellent article has now been posted, however, at Salafi Publications, which not only admits, but thoroughly exposes, the Masonic and deviant origins of the founders of the Salafi movement, and their successors, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Instead, they hold to the claim that Salafism derived from the earliest centuries of Islam, from the time of the Salaf, meaning the earliest generations, and referring to the time before the development of the Math’habs. Contrary to their claims though, while it is true that the word “Salaf” refers to these early generations, the use of the term in this manner is a modern development.

This deceptive interpretation of history is derived from Abdul Wahhab, who appeared in the mid-18th century. According to his memoirs, a British spy by the name of Hempher, was assigned to the Middle East in order to discover ways to undermine Islam, with the aim of advancing British control over the region. His mission eventually focussed on the support of Wahhab, and backing him through the Saudi family, through whom he preached the British’s destructive message of Islam.

Essentially, Wahhab’s innovations made it legal for his followers to fight other Muslims, by pronouncing them “unbelievers”, under the pretense of “purifying” Islam, but in reality serving British strategy against the great Ottoman Empire. Wahhab did so by claiming that all of Islamic history, except for the generations of the Salaf, that is, from the time of the Math’habs onward, had fallen out of Islam.

Once adherence of the Muslims had been unbound from their traditional legal schools, it was possible for the British and their agents to come in with their own. And this is the purpose of the Salafi movement. The Saudis were then formally installed in Arabia in 1932, and have since acted as protectors of the oil interests of the Rockefellers, who are regarded as second-in-command within the Illuminati, after the Rothschilds. Particularly since 1973, when the Oil Crisis was orchestrated to enrich the Saudis, they have used the tremendous wealth at their disposal to advance their deviant interpretations. A notorious exponent of which is Bin Laden.

While the Saudis have been under agreement with the CIA to finance many of its covert activities, including the funding of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, and the support of Islamic terrorists worldwide, many of the Saudi scholars as well as the government are putting on a public face of rejecting terrorism and bin Laden. They claim that terrorism and anti-government activities are contrary to the true tenets of Salafism.

This is not true. At times the purpose of Salafism is to inculcate terrorism, but in general, the purpose of Salafism is to provide a new Math’hab, to estrange the world’s Muslim population from traditional Islam, and thereby lead them wherever Western interests deem fit.

You can download the article, titled Historical Development of the Methodologies of al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen And Their Effect and Influence Upon Contemporary Salafee Dawah: Part 8, here:


Assalamu Alaykum,

What you are saying is very convincing and you put youre points forward in a very logical well written manner. However you have no references to youre research to back up youre claims. I would suggest to reference sources and dates otherwise any well meaning person might misinterprete what you are saying and make assumptions that are not backed up by hard facts.



There are a few references made here, but I’d hoped that readers would understand that if they wanted more information, then the details are in my book.

That sounds convincing , for the first time i find an article that replies all the whys and hows which are in my head about wahabis and salafis ,but yes it will be greater if you can add more references especially political and diplomatic proofs and documents,

In response to the two comments about my sources, I wrote this article merely as a basic intro. There is far too much material to offer supporting evidence here. The rest is in my book. That’s where I go into the details. There are not only many fascinating details about this specific subject, but also about it’s place in a greater context. The role of the Muslim Brotherhood as modern-day Ismaili Assassins, and their relationship with the current manifestation of the Templars, or Scottish Rite Freemasonry, lies at the very heart of the mythology of the Illuminati. So it appears that a secret occult relationship with Islamic terrorism is almost the very basis of Illuminati activity.

Hi , very well put , but still that does not mean that wahhabisum is a bad I idea . Because you denounce a sect that has denounced you , you have not gain much . Your doing the same thing they did 80 odd years ago .

Hi David,

Assalama Aleikum,

Great piece of research and writing, and to `Faris, ` may I recommend `the book,` Terrorism & the Illuminati.

It's almost the only book you'll ever need, and is jammed with references.

As a Christian with many Muslim friends and a keen interest in Islam, what strikes me is the propensity of man, to `innovate` upon the divine word.

This practice has caused the teachings of Christ to become lost amongst `Paulianity` and Romanism. Jesus (SAW) stated that there should be no innovation, as did Muhammad (SAW).

Well, there's been nothing but in both faiths, although I think it fair to say that Christianity has the edge in the sheer levels of distortion of the original Gospel.

David's expose of Wahhabism and the Muslim brotherhood is so vital in these times we live in, as it shines a spotlight on the fact that pure Quranic Islam is something quite different from much of the innovation seen since the `prophet's days, and helps non Muslims get a balanced perspective of the Islamic world..

Wahhabism and the Salafi must surely be considered innovation?




Hi David,
The popular belief is that USA invaded Iraq to get the oil. What if it is not the case? Do you think USA invasion of Irak and subsequently the execution of Saddam was merely a way to let Islamic Extremism expand in the region?
The reason why I am asking this question is that 8 years after invading Afghanistan, the USA "failed" to eradicate the Fundamentalists, in fact, 8 years later, they are even stronger, and were able to invade Pakistan!!!! And now that Saddam is no longer here to fight these extremists, I am just wondering what would happen in the entire region when the extremists take over. Will they be still backed by the Illuminati to continue their invasion of the world? Or will all funding and weapon supplies cease, once the Region is pushed way back into the dark ages?

And I won't pretend to know the answer.  But the powers that be have successfully played the "Islamic fundamentalism" card for the last 30 years, since the invasion of Afghanistan.  They had no fear of igniting a wider spread of this fundamentalism.  There is no "blowback".  This seems a very dangerous game to play, but they are so confident of their ability to manipulate this so-called radicalism for their own ends, that they do so without seeming concern for the extent of its spread or degree of violence.

Selam Alejkum and Peace to you!

Sorry for my bad english but belive me one! Ther still Muslims addictet to the medhabs the old Kaliphates and fighting thes Wahabi Bastards! We even work on it to Join Forces whit our Shia brothers!!!

They spred this Extremist BS but inshallah Allah s.w.t will give us Victory! These Invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq a have a twice positiv effect! The moderatet medhab Muslims can rise also not only the wahabi!!!

Look at the islamic army in iraq or the hamas in iraq they fight the Wahabis and Al Qaida and rising! But the Fight is hard and Hamas in Palastin payed it well to split from the muslim brotherhood and join forces whit Iran as you see in gaza now!!! Our Shia Brothers in lebanon of Hezbollah are doing well also!!!

The world is on the shoulders of thes brave people!!!! They fight the us army the wahabis the zionsts and several other nations!!! This is the greatest challang for the Islamic Ummah and the few Muslims thats left! Hope the allmighty dont let the extremists win because we muslims are on the edge really of ben destroyed by these wahabi cia zionist bastards!!!

Peace and Love may God bless you!!!!

take a chill pill bro. Allah says their plans will hit them in their faces. we are not on ne edge just be patient and observe the world in slow motion. the ball is now in our court. Tunisia is changing their corrupt leaders, egypt is soon at hand also. and who's the next best example? Turkey. Turkey is also eliminating there version of the Illuminati. see Ergenekon files on english. Turkey is playing by the book n using there own Laws against them. the entire Muslim world wants a taste of Turkeys power now.

If you would take into more careful consideration what I have written, it is a lesson to show Muslims and others how they have been played.  The prophet said, "a Muslim is not bitten from the same hole twice".  Muslims have been played all century long, with all kinds of "reform" movements, and supposed uprisings, but for the most part, they have been orchestrated by the West against the real interests of Muslims.  

It is usually the share aspirations of Muslims that have been easily exploited.  But what's happend typically is that they are only helping dig their own graves.


I was given the 9/11 Orders and AAHOA Taliban Patel Orders........this my master called ww3 it was planned in 1872 when the 32nd degree was Ordered by the UGLE sublimley into the city they lost to the Uk Post Reveloutionary War....then post civil war 33 degree Pike went with empower 32 Islam Baath....I have the lodges in this video...look at the death a destructon....I have seen men killed over discussing this topic..breaking the Ordered silence some Lodge associates call 32/2 or 32 degree plan too/ safe pass this along and help us wake the public up to the Taliban Patel drug para promotion war....Prince Hall is the herion and cocaine source...May Yeshua Yahweh Bless you and Guide you beyond King James Masonic Pagan Christianity to the real Rabbi Simca Pearlmutter videos...then see how very right you are.. Obama is the UGLE 32nd degree pawn in America.....I was as well told he would be the nail that sealed the deal on the Rev War loss.......leveling America and everyone non select master around the Windsor ugle throne EIR2 US Intel Co Owned

اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

have you read The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State by Harvard Law School Professor, Noah Feldman? Feldman describes the classical administrative balance between Caliph and Ulama and the subsequent destruction of the traditional system during the Tanzimat. What do you know about the Illuminist mechanisms/personalities introduced to ensnare the Ottoman Empire?

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