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Details the history of what the author calls the "Fraternity", a network of German and American firms who were involved in funding the rise of Hitler.

Demonstrates how the tax-exempt foundations of Carnegie and Rockefeller seized hold of the entire American university system, in order to restructure it in accordanc with their own objectives. Barrow also details how the curriculum was rewritten, and how the myth of America's role in history as the defender of democracy was invented. Excellent.


The really incriminating clues about 9/11 are in Venice Florida, not at Ground Zero.

Excellent book that details how the CIA, with Arthur Koestler and Irving Kristol, orchestrated left-wing intellectuals during the Cold War, and went so far as to manufacture symbols of American culture, including Abstract Expressionism and Jackson Pollock.


A a great introduction to the theories that have lead scholars to their conclusions about the history of the compilation of the Bible, particularly the Documentary Hypothesis.